Important facts about abortion pill to clear confusion

When people discuss termination, they think they have only one option which is surgical termination which is been carried out at the clinic or hospital. But anyone who wants to end the pregnancy and if they are only 10 or few weeks along then they have another option which is medical termination and this method is been conducted with the help of pills. Medical termination is also known as home abortion or self-abortion. Many of the women prefer to use medical termination as this is the private method to terminate the pregnancy  as well can be conducted at home corners.

Abortion pills though are the best one still there are many of the facts that women get confused with and it is necessary that they know the truth behind the abortion pills

Following are the facts that women must know about the termination pill:

The morning after pills and abortion pill are different from each other

The morning after pill is used to prevent the ovulation from occurring whereas abortion pills are used to stop the growth of the pregnancy. These pills differ from each other and have different uses. If you have already ovulated then the morning after pills will not have any effect.

If you are in the region where abortion pills are not available then you can contact the clinic near you so that they can guide you. Before they guide they will make you do have some tests and have an ultrasound test. Once you are confirmed with the gestation period they will suggest you with the medicine for termination.

Medical abortion pills first block the pregnancy and then flushes the fetal tissues

Termination of pregnancy with the help of pills is been carried out with the help of a combination of pills. The first pill used is Mifepristone and the second pill used is Misoprostol. Mifepristone first helps to block the progesterone hormones. As the progesterone are the essential one once they are been blocked the pregnancy stops growing. Due to unavailability of the progesterone hormones, the fetus gets separated from the uterus.

After 24-48 hours you can administrate misoprostol pill which helps you to expel the fetus by causing the contraction to the womb. After using this abortion pill you can experience bleeding, cramping and clotting which indicates the termination of the pregnancy.

The fetus gets expelled from the body within 2 days

From the moment you take the second pill (Misoprostol), it takes 2-6 hours to expel the fetus. Depending upon the gestation period the fetus is been flushed from the body. The whole process takes maximum 2 days to get the fetus out form your body and hence during the first few hours women are suggested to take rest at home until all the particles are been expelled. The process may take 2 days to complete but you may continue to bleed for 2 weeks or more.

The abortion pills are not dangerous

There are women who do think that abortion pills are not safe and can have a negative effect on their health. There are very less cases who have reported death due to the use of these pills. There are only 0.5 percent cases which reported hospitalization due to serious complications. These medicines do not result in any of the fatal results other than few side effects which are temporary.

Medical abortion is safe but has some side effects

After using Misoprostol, you can have bleeding and clotting but other than this you can also have some other side effects like nausea, vomiting, and fatigue. You can manage these side effects easily with the help of medicines that can help you manage the side effects of this medicine. You can use ibuprofen to go easy with the side effects of pain and cramps.

You are also suggested that you have someone with you during such time so that they can assist you when you require.

Abortion pills do help you have complete termination and if not then seek a medical help immediately

Abortion pills help you terminate your pregnancy completely and successfully but there are very cases who have reported incomplete termination. Incomplete termination requires a medical treatment and hence you are suggested that you seek a medical help for the same.

Other than this if you have bleeding which soaks more than 2 maxi pads in an hour or two then you need to talk to your gynecologist. If clots bigger than lemon size passes then you need to seek a medical help from the doctors. Fever or chills if are experienced for a long time or you have a fever of 100.4 degrees F then you need to get it treated.

Also, make sure that you have a contact number of the emergency help room which provides 24& service so that you can reach if you have an emergency.

Even if everything is fine you need a follow up after two weeks of abortion

After having an abortion it is necessary that you have an ultrasound test so that you can conclude the termination results. In case after having termination there are retained parts left you are supposed to have a surgical termination. It is mandatory to have an ultrasound test after using abortion pills for termination.

Without proper evaluation do not use the termination pills

There are many of the online stores which provide you with this pill but make sure that you get this pill from the trusted site and also do check that medicines are been verified by FDA. Also you need to make sure that you purchase the pills only once you seek a prescription from the health care provider as they would be the one who can give you proper guidance about it. Also, it is necessary that you do get all the tests done so that it helps you know that whether you do fit in criteria to use pills or not. Consulting a gynecologist helps you know the more available options with you and have a safe termination.

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