How can support from a spouse during abortion be helpful?

by John Smith

Posted on Monday, April 29, 2019

Abortion is amongst the toughest which women have to deal with. A woman only expects to get treated with dignity and respect. Abortion is a process which invites anxiety and this can be calmed down with the help of support. Women who prefer to terminate the pregnancy always try to seek support from the partner. Most of them do neglect this whereas some know the importance of supporting their spouse.

Practical support

  1. You both can buy Abortion Pill from an online store and know everything regarding the pills and the process which can help you terminate the pregnancy easily. 
  2. While having an abortion process women may need support and hence you can stay with her to help her.
  3. There are several side effects of abortion pills and till the process gets completed women may experience these side effects. You can look after your partner and see whether she requires your help or not and if required you can seek help from a physician if she doesn’t seem well.
  4. Recovering after an abortion is also challenging and one of the best methods, to cope up with side effects and recovery is rest and avoiding physical exertion.
  5. During the abortion, she may have overwhelmed feeling and do talk to her. She may want to talk to you and let her pour her out her feeling.

Emotional support

Medical termination is one of the easiest methods, but the women only seek for emotional support. You can consider the following things which can help you to support your partner:

  • Abortion is a decision of women and you need to listen and support the decision of your partner.
  • Assure her that she is not the one alone who is going through this process and make her know that she will soon come out of this situation.
  • Due to the process, she may be upset so do console her. 

How your partner may feel after having an abortion?

After having abortion women may have some of the positive as well as negative changes

Following are some of the positive changes

  1. She looks forward towards the new life after having an abortion.
  2. Abortion is a phase which brings a couple together.
  3. After having abortion women usually do come to know about abortion pills, contraceptives, and fertility which can help her be careful further.
  4. Such a decision helps women to get strong and helps in taking all the important decision related to life.
  5. After having an abortion, she may feel relieved.

Following are the negative thoughts

  1. Due to lack of support, she may feel disappointed due to the people around her. You need to make her comfortable and make sure that she doesn’t feel alone.  
  2. Due to the anxiety, she may react towards the situation and get messed up due to the situation.


When women express her feeling she feels safe and supportive and this helps her to recover soon due to this cheerful environment. The support of the partner or family helps women to feel confident. After she terminates the pregnancy, she feels relieved and feels confident due to her capability of taking decisions. Speaking to as many people helps her to seek more support.

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