Pros of the abortion that you must know

by John Smith

Posted on Friday, April 26, 2019

There are several countries across the world which have legalized the law to make abortion until the child is being born. Also, there are few countries which do not allow women to terminate the pregnancy or partially restrict abortion unless it is fatal for the mother to continue the pregnancy.

What is abortion?

Medical abortion is defined as pregnancy termination by your own choice and this helps women to terminate the pregnancy at home. During the first trimester, you can simply use this pregnancy termination pill which can help in terminating the pregnancy.

Not only Abortion Pills, but nowadays Morning-After-Pill is also been used so that you can get rid of pregnancy and reduce the risk of having an unplanned pregnancy. The failure rate due to medical abortion is of 3% and in the case of incomplete termination, you need to make sure that you do undergo surgical termination.

There are certain pros of abortion, which everyone needs to know:

The right choice

Most of the women struggle to make a choice whether to terminate the pregnancy or not. Most of the women have been making the choice for a long time. It is necessary for women to know about the choice they are available with and should hold the right so that they can proceed with it. This method becomes the right one if women do have the gestation period up to 8 weeks and abortion is legal in her region.

You are the one to deal with

Even if the women continue with a pregnancy she has to deal with continuing the pregnancy, delivering a baby, bringing up the child, parenting it and also other duties.  And sometimes it is not possible for women to continue doing this without the support of a partner.  Women only have to deal with pregnancy and abortion and sometimes it becomes extremely difficult to deal with. It's completely a choice of women, whether she has to continue with the pregnancy or abort the pregnancy.

Nothing like pro-choice or pro-life

There is nothing like pro-choice and pro-life and both these ideologies meet at one common point and that is the life of the baby and life of the mother. The life of the baby depends completely upon the health of the mother. It is better than women is been allowed to choose what she wants and when she wants. At times women do want to continue with her career and forcing her to continue with the baby is wrong.

Mental health doesn’t get affected

Doctors prescribe most of the women to avoid being stressed and most of the people in society have a misunderstanding that things like abortion do not affect women. It is necessary for women that they do take care of their mental wellness. No other person other than the woman can understand what women need to when she ends the pregnancy even when she wants the baby. Medical abortion is most of the time done by the women due to strong reason and there are fewer chances of women being getting affected mentally.

Not an illegal method

An attempt to abortion stands illegal if it is done forcefully or is been done by the girl below the age of 18 years.  Also, it is necessary that you order abortion kit only if it is legal in your region and abortion is not been banned in the region. 

Legalized or not abortion always will remain part of the society. It depends on the people whether abortion should be done or not. While you are choosing for abortion, it is necessary that you do know this fact about abortion.

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