Can contraceptive measures lower the chances of unwanted pregnancy?

by John Smith

Posted on Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Unplanned pregnancy is one of the problems not only in some but many countries. As per the research, 90% of abortions do happen due to unintended pregnancy and 50% of these occur in developing countries. Many females do not understand the importance of the contraceptive pills and due to lack of knowledge, they do not take the contraceptive measures or do use it in the wrong manner. All this results in an unplanned pregnancy and women have to deal with it by counting with it or by terminating it.

Often women, those who come across an unwanted pregnancy at a young age, they do order Abortion Pills online or do undergo surgical termination to remove the tissues from the body. Another option than abortion is continuing with the pregnancy or adoption.

Here are some of them, which can help you plan a pregnancy

  • Have unprotected sexual intercourse so that women can conceive.
  • Use contraceptive measures so that you do not get pregnant.
  • Discuss with your partner regarding the use of contraceptives.
  • Understand the birth control measures which suits you. 
  • Use the intrauterine device, medicine or other options.
  • Once the treatment gets completed to check for the results.

Those women who are been guided regarding the use of the contraceptives look for safety and effectiveness and also makes sure that they do know about the risks involved at the same time. When women take all the necessary measures to avoid getting pregnant the need for termination becomes less. Even after using the contraceptive measures some women to get pregnant and such cases have considered the case of accidental pregnancy.

Here is the list of contraceptive choices:

  1. Intrauterine device and implants (to avoid pregnancy for the long term)
  2. Rings and birth control pills (to avoid pregnancy for a short period of time)
  3. Pan B (emergency control pills)
  4. Ovral, Loette, and Nuvaring (birth control pills)

The user can decide which method of the contraceptive can be used as per the convenience and it is better that you discuss this with your health care provider. Before using any of the methods make sure that you are not allergic to the medicines or itemizing some of the people do prefer using contraceptives so that they can manage the menstrual cycle as well. If women use these pills to manage the menstrual cycle, then she needs to discuss her reproductive cycle and pregnancy planning with a health expert.

Following are some of the options which can help you in case of failure of birth control pills

  • If you miss your menstrual cycle, then do make sure that you do get a pregnancy test.
  • If you confirm the pregnancy make sure whether you are pregnant or not
  • If your pregnancy is confirmed stop using contraceptives

Avoid surgical termination as you can buy an Abortion Pill kit which helps in termination.

If women are sexually active it is necessary that they do take birth control measures so that unwanted pregnancies can be avoided. It is necessary that women do have complete knowledge about the contraceptive measures which helps her to be aware of possibilities which cause pregnancy.  

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