Does other contradiction have an effect on medical abortion?

by John Smith

Posted on Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Before a woman decides to have a termination with the help of Abortion Pills online there are certain factors other than 9 weeks of gestation period which a woman may have to check with. There are many other characteristics that may get considered to be a contradiction, but which in fact are not.

Below mentioned are the condition which may or may not be considered before having a medical abortion


It is likely that Mifepristone passes into the infant via breast milk. Studies have shown the endocrine effect of Mifepristone on the fetus and also have found an increased level of adrenocorticotropic hormones and cortisol. Also, the clinical implication has not yet shown any clear results regarding the effect of the pill on the fetus.

On the other hand, a small amount of Misoprostol pill soon enters the breast milk after administration. The effect of the Misoprostol is not shown in the infant. Still, women are suggested that they do decline the breastfeeding after 4 hours of administrating the pills buccally. Misoprostol pill if is administered vaginally then women need to make sure that she does breastfeed the child after 6 hours of administration of the pills.


Medical termination is neither prescribed to adolescence and nor old age (women above the age of 35 years) can have a medical termination. Women below 18 years and above 35 years are suggested to strictly avoid the use of online Abortion Pills.


Anemia is not considered to be a contradiction. Anemia detected during the pregnancy termination should be treated. During medical termination, the bleeding becomes quite heavier as compared to surgical termination. Hence anemia is not considered as the incidence of heavy bleeding.


Smoking does not have a direct contradiction of the Abortion Pills but smoking does cause the cardiovascular disorder. Cardiovascular disorder conditions are the contradiction to Abortion Pills and this factor affects women, those who have a medical abortion.

Multiple pregnancies

There is no such evidence which proves that there is a failure rate of medical pregnancy termination or different dose in case of multiple pregnancies. 

Thyroid/ insulin dependent diabetes

There is no such evidence which causes the problem to women with either of the disorder. Use of Mifepristone has altered the insulin level in-vitro. This affects may or may not show any such alteration in insulin level or blood sugar.

Previous cesarean section delivery

Medical abortion does not have any sort of effect on pregnancy, even on c-section pregnancies.


No studies prove that Mifepristone and Misoprostol do have an adverse effect or should not be given to obese women.

Uterine malformation

There is no evidence which proves that the Abortion Pill kit does have any contradiction on uterine malformation.

Medical abortion is not an option for some of the women, but some conditions do allow women to make use of these pregnancy termination pills. Medical termination is one of the best options, but when there is the contradiction you need to avoid the use of this MED for termination. If you are not aware of the contradiction, then women can do seek help from the health care provider and then make use of termination pills.

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