How to educate the young generation about abortion?

by John Smith

Posted on Friday, May 10, 2019

Abortion is one of the safe and secure ways which helps you cancel unwanted pregnancy either with the help of medicines or with the help of surgery. Unwanted pregnancy can be caused due to improper and inadequate use of contraceptives or no use of contraceptives. Hence, while you are indulging in sexual activity, it is necessary that you do make use of contraceptives.

What is the need to educate women regarding abortion?

Many of the women do feel shy while they talk about the topic of abortion and even try to avoid it as long as possible.  But there is a need to address this problem as it is necessary to make women aware of these issues. So that if any women get into the situation of an unplanned pregnancy, she has an idea of what to do and when to do.

Adolescents are the one who may find themselves in such a situation wherein they may not be able to differentiate regarding the right and wrong. Also, due to lack of support and negative comments of the society they can have anxiety disorder and depression. Even if the girl gets pregnant during an early age, then there are 98% chance of having the complications. Also, due to such conditions, a girl may have to go through lots of humiliation.

Different ways to educate the younger generation about abortion

Conducting a brainstorming session in schools and colleges

Brainstorming is a session wherein you do get innovative ideas and find a solution to your problem. In this session, you can make children aware regarding abortion, unprotected sex, how to buy Abortion Pill kit online from online stores? Also, you need to make them aware of the myths of abortion. As well you need to make sure that they do communicate and make clear the doubts regarding abortion.

Arrange an expert session to clarify the scientific queries

Make sure that there is a lot of time been dedicated to the question and answers while you are conducting scientific queries. This will help each one to show their interest and would make gain more information regarding the doubts.

Arrange quiz

After the above-motioned things are being followed, you can arrange for the quiz which can help you understand the view about the abortion in the mid of the young gestation.  Also, you can provide factual information which helps you to know what exactly is in the mind of the younger generation regarding abortion.

The worst case scenario

This is a game wherein you need to boost the thing and creativity of the young generation. In such a game you can divide the students into groups and put them in a situation or give them a case study for which they will come together and think and come up with the best solution. This will help them to understand abortion as well know about the consequences of unwanted pregnancy.


Abortion has always proved to be one of the safest methods which help women to deal with an unplanned pregnancy. There are many of the cases wherein death has been reported due to unwanted pregnancy and due to lack of information in women. Hence it is necessary that women are been educated regarding the abortion and its process, as well as awareness regarding the use of contraceptive, is been spread amongst the young generation.

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