How to know whether a woman has an ectopic pregnancy or not?

by John Smith

Posted on Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Ectopic pregnancy is a type of pregnancy, which describes the pregnancy growing outside the womb. Such type of pregnancy usually grows in the Fallopian tubes or in the ovaries. Such a situation can prove to be threatening because if the pregnancy grows uncontrolled then there are chances that tube can burst due to the space required by the pregnancy to grow. Hence, women are suggested that they do seek medical help to get such pregnancies terminated. Women those who are diagnosed with ectopic pregnancy are suggesting that they do not use medical abortion option but to seek help from the physician.

There are many women those who can have such conditions and hence women are suggested that they do buy Abortion pill kit online only if they have confirmed pregnancy, which has a gestation period of 8 weeks and the nature of pregnancy should not be ectopic. 

Hence, to make sure about everything, women are guided that they do have an ultrasound test which can help to know the exact condition of the pregnancy. Women those who use the pregnancy termination pills without seeking a consult can experience no bleeding and this is a symptom which indicates that you do have an ectopic pregnancy.

How to know about the ectopic pregnancy?

Following are the symptoms of having an ectopic pregnancy:

  • If women do have severe back pain and mostly on the one side, then there are chances that women can ectopic pregnancy.
  • Women may feel dizzy or faint
  • Pain in shoulder

This is the symptoms which can be experienced by women if the ectopic pregnancy has already been burst and you may require medical treatment.
On the other side, if women have the symptoms like pain in pelvic of the abdomen, cramps on either side of pelvic, lower back pain, breast soreness, unusual bleeding, and nausea then women can have an ectopic pregnancy.

Women those who have ectopic pregnancy are suggested to seek help from the hospitals. Even the places where abortion is banned, also provide you with the treatment of ectopic pregnancy.

How does ectopic pregnancy take place in women?

An ectopic pregnancy happens wherein the fertilized egg gets attached somewhere else, especially in the Fallopian tube instead of the endometrial lining. Sometimes the egg gets stuck in a tube and grows, as it is pregnant, it grows, but this causes a rupture in the tube. Such type of pregnancy is unusual and doctors do restrict the women from carrying such pregnancies and hence it is to be terminated.

In case such cases are not treated, then it can lead to heavy internal bleeding due to the splitting of the Fallopian tube.

Why don't pregnancy termination pills have an effect on ectopic pregnancy?

Those women who have an ectopic pregnancy cannot experience abortion due to the use of Mifepristone or Misoprostol pill nor this pill treat ectopic pregnancy.

Abortion pills only work actively on the hormones inside the uterus and due to this the contractions are caused and pregnancy is ended. Ectopic pregnancy has outside the uterus and hence these pregnancy termination pills aren't showing any effective results on such type of pregnancies.

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