How to know whether you have a post-abortion infection or not?

by John Smith

Posted on Monday, May 27, 2019

There are very few cases, those who have experienced a post-abortion infection. The side effects which occur after using abortion pills only last for a few days. The only care needs to be taken is when the side effects get worse. If you have a blood loss for a long time or have a passing of clots for a long time, then there are chances that you might have an infection. The infection in the body can get treated with the help of anti-biotic under the supervision of the health care provider.

Signs of having an infection

Usually, after the consumption of the abortion pill, it is common that women can have a fever. For 24 hours women can have 100.4 F/ 38 C fever and this is an ordinary side effect. If more than a day if you have a fever, then you need to seek medical help from the health care provider.

Abortion pill kit online for medical termination of pregnancy can be easily accessed from the online stores and this is a non-invasive method which causes less damage to the body parts of the women. Also, due to this method, the chance of having an infection gets less.

Additional scientific information

Post-abortion infection is well defined as one of the particular infections that are being studied during the abortion process. The most ordinary type of infection is Endometritis, which is an infection of the uterine lining and genital tract. This causes infection in the urinary system and the reproductive organ.

Clostridium Sordellii can lead to fetal infection in those women who have given birth. This infection is not caused due to medical termination of pregnancy. This infection purposely drags the attention to somewhat strange and rather distinct symptoms and significantly infinitely linked to the infection, which includes a lack of fever, but the presence of hemoconcentration, dramatic leukocytosis, effusion in several serous cavities and refractory hypotension.

Symptoms of an infection after having an abortion

The symptoms with which you need to be cautious after getting an abortion done are as follows:

Bleeding after having an abortion is normal and it can continue for 4-14 days. If the amount of bleeding during the abortion is less or is similar to the normal periods than it is considered to be normal.  If you have more bleeding and you can’t find any sign of reduction then you may have developed a tear or infection and hence you may require consulting a physician.

It is necessary that you do check your body temperature twice at least for seven days after having an abortion. Fever on the day of abortion is normal and usual. Hence, if the temperature is higher than 102F or continues for a few days, then there are chances that you can have an infection.

Cramping and period like pains are also regular after having an abortion. But in case the cramping is painful then you need to check with the physician.

Those women who have a medical termination do have chills, common and nausea. But if the symptoms are constant, then this is an indication of having deeper complications.


Although above-mentioned symptoms do appear to be frightening if the termination pills are being purchased from the trusted online stores then there is less risk involved. If any of the side effect or depression is being left untreated then this can increase the complications. Hence, even if you come across any complication you are suggested to seek help from a health care provider immediately.

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