Is breastfeeding during abortion risky?

by John Smith

Posted on Saturday, May 4, 2019

Medical termination of pregnancy involves two types of pills- Mifepristone and Misoprostol and this is one of the effective methods which helps to terminate the pregnancy. Women can safely buy online Abortion Pill kit which helps to promote termination of pregnancy. There are many criteria which women need to fit in to terminate the pregnancy completely. As per the studies, it has been concluded that there is an increase in the number of women, those who are opting for termination of pregnancy. Women those who have an infant and those who breastfeed the child are always worried regarding the effect of termination pill on the infant.

After looking at the serum samples it was concluded that during the initial 12 hours the level of medicine in the body is usually higher. After 7 days of using these pills, it was concluded that the level of medicine gets decreased. There is no much adversity of the medicine on the mom or the infant which doesn’t allow women to breastfeed the child.

The Abortion method during breastfeeding

Doctors usually do prescribe women to avoid breastfeeding during the termination. Even though the lesser amount passes via breast milk to the infant there are chances that the infant can have the side effects of diarrhea due to the passing of chemicals via breast milk. The FDA has updated its regulation in order to reduce the dose of Mifepristone and the side effects have been said to be insignificant and studies are yet been conducted on this. If even after knowing that there are chances of the elements of the medicine passing to the infant you need to take some of the measures which can help you feed your infant.

Following tips can help you feed your infant

  1. Before you use any of the Abortion Pills make sure that you do store your breast milk.
  2. Make sure that you do store the milk in a proper way so that it can last up to 3-8 days.
  3. While you are under the medical abortion process, you can feed your child with the stored milk.
  4. Once you are done with the process, you can safely feed your child.

Diet is one of the important factors which affect the quality of milk produced by mammary glands. Hence, during such time, women have suggested that before opting for medical termination they do seek advice from lactation consultant regarding the diet.

When should you breastfeed the child while you are on this termination pill?

What matters the most is the safety of mother and infant. It is necessary that you do take the best measures which can help you avoid health complications. If you do not wish to breastfeed the child, then you need to dispose of the milk produced till 6-7 hours.

After 6-12 hours of consuming the medicine used for ending the pregnancy, you can safely feed your child. In case if women feel feverish or are weak to breastfeed the child, then she needs to seek a consultant from the health care provider. Seeking advice from a health care provider helps you to know when to feed the child or when to stop feeding the child. 


Even though only some of the elements from the medicine do pass on to the infant if breastfeeding still women need to avoid feeding. Women need to make sure that they do only breastfeed the child if it is been prescribed to them by their health care provider.

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