Things that women need to know about getting pregnant after abortion

by John Smith

Posted on Monday, May 6, 2019

Pregnancy and abortion are the two delicate topics and it is necessary that women do make sure that her thick about continuing with the pregnancy and termination. Many couples prefer termination so that they can delay abortion and get prepared for it. Also, there are some couples who do need to terminate the pregnancy due to some medical and psychological reasons. But before you get pregnant after having an abortion you need to make some plan and take some safety measures. Following are some of the facts which can help you know about the conception after terminating the pregnancy

Abortion and infertility have no connections

When women purchase online abortion kit it is necessary that you do follow the proper guidance which can help you have a safe process and doesn’t affect any women’s fertility in any way. The fear of infertility only occurs if the reproductive organ gets like ovaries and Fallopian tubes get damaged in some or other way. There are very few cases wherein infertility due to abortion has been reported.

The cervix becomes weak or incompetent

Continuing termination so that you can delay your pregnancy doesn’t harm you. If you undergo multiple abortions or do have multiple dilations and curettages wherein the cleaning of the uterus is done. Repeating of the process, again and again, can result in scarring on the top of the cervix or in the womb. If the process of dilating the cervix goes again and again, then this can weaken your cervix or you can suffer from the inept cervix.

Getting pregnant after having an abortion

After having termination doctors usually prescribe women to avoid getting pregnant soon, which is within 3 months after the process.  After you have medical termination the uterus gets soft and this leads to contraction so that it can expel the fetus out. Due to contraction women faces the bleeding and the uterus gets weak. Hence it is advised to women that they do wait for at least 6months after having an abortion to get pregnant again.  To stay away from pregnancy, you can make the use of contraceptives and this helps you to prevent pregnancy naturally.

Use of contraceptive after abortion

Even after having an abortion or missed periods after having an abortion you start ovulating. During this time there are more chances of getting pregnant after you have an abortion. Hence, to stay away from the pregnancy, you can start using contraceptive pills which help you get rid of the pregnancy.

Seek help from an expert

After having an abortion, it is common that the uterus of the women gets weak and it takes time to get healed. Before a woman proceeds to conceive, she needs to make sure that she is fit and can conceive. Seeking help from health care provider helps you to get a fair idea which can help you know whether it is right to conceive now or not.


Abortion is a delicate process and you need to take care of yourself even after you have an abortion. Planning pregnancy after having an abortion should be done under the supervision of a health care provider to get the best suggestions.

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