What causes infertility in a woman?

by John Smith

Posted on Friday, May 17, 2019

The couples usually try for conception in a perfectly fine situation and conditions and after this, a couple can expect within 12 months. A few couples do not conceive after 12 months, even after trying the best. This helps to conclude that women are having infertility wherein couples cannot expect the child even after trying. Couple those who face this problem need to seek medical help so that they can find the other way which can help them to expect the child.

Many of the couples do misunderstand the infertility problem with Abortion Pills. People have misunderstood those who use the online Abortion Pill kit have infertility. The fact is these pills only help women in termination and do not result in any fertility. The side effects which are caused due to the Abortion Pills do only last for a few days and do not have any effect on the pregnancy. 

Following are the causes why women do have infertility

Maternal age

Female’s age is one of the important factors which affects fertility. In today’s world, women do prioritize the child plan after the age of ’30s and as a woman’s age crosses 35 years the number, as well as the quality of eggs, rapidly decreases. After the age of 45 women is hardly fertile as during this stage woman are at the age of menopause. The only method which can help women to expect during this age is via donor eggs.

Disorder concerning ovulation

To conceive in a natural way woman are expected to have regular and normal ovulated. Women those who typically ovulate within 10-20 days after the menstruation period do not have any issues regarding the conceiving. If the ovulation doesn’t occur on a regular basis or as expected, then the reason can be an ovulation disorder which has effects on the ovulation of the women. If such is a case, then you need to seek help from the doctor so that it can help women to get the regular menstruations.


Blockage in the Fallopian tubes causes the disorder like chlamydia, gonorrhea or pelvic inflammatory disease which are all sexually transmitted disorder. In the tubal occlusion, the ovulated egg doesn’t get fertilized by sperm due to the lack of needed capability. In some cases, the egg doesn’t reach the endometrial cavity. If the tube is completely filled with fluid and blocked the complications may occur and the only treatment of IVF can help women to expect the child.

Endometrial polyps

Development of endometrial polyps in the uterine cavity arises from the lining of the uterus and is called endometrial. There are different solutions available one of which is minor surgeries and this helps to remove the polyps, which increase the chances of having a pregnancy. In some cases, only the removal of the polyps is enough to treat infertility.


Before women jump into any conclusion it is necessary that she does know about the exact reason which helps her to understand the reason behind infertility.

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