Why is medical abortion much known as compared to surgical termination?

by John Smith

Posted on Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Choosing between medical and surgical termination can sometimes be tricky. Women those who cannot afford to have a surgical termination stick to use medical abortion. There are many of the barriers which you need to come across while deciding whether you need to know which method of termination should be used. The following things can help you decide which can be used for terminating the unplanned pregnancy.

Surgical termination

Surgical abortion is a safe process and is used to cancel the pregnancy during the first or second trimester. Most of the women who prefer termination post 9 weeks can stick to this method to have surgical termination. This method is performed by a professional and with the help of instruments. The surgical termination method helps you to expel the pregnancy contents from the body with the help of suction and dilation method.

Why do women choose to have surgical termination of pregnancy?

  1. Women with the gestation period of up 20 weeks can undergo this process. 
  2. This is a quick process and the process gets completed within 15-20 minutes.
  3. Women don’t experience abdominal cramps as severe as compared to surgical termination.
  4. Even you can breastfeed the child while you are on the abortion process.

Medical termination

Medical abortion is widely one of the options chosen by women to deal with an unplanned pregnancy. This is a non-surgical method wherein the medicines are involved and the combination of online Abortion Pills helps you get the pregnancy terminated. 

Why choose medical abortion to have a termination?

  • Most of the women are concerned with the privacy and this pregnancy termination pill help women to maintain the privacy of the termination.
  • The procedure is easy and can be easily performed at home without stepping out of the home.
  • If you feel the fees of surgical termination is costly then you can buy online Abortion Pill at a cheap price to seek the termination.
  • Almost every woman during the first trimester can use this pregnancy termination pill for abortion.
  • Anesthetic and instruments are not been involved in this process.
  • This process appears to be natural as this method is similar to menstrual periods or natural miscarriage.

What can you expect after using abortion MEDs?

When you use the first pill no much visible difference can be experienced in the body. After you use Misoprostol pill you can start feeling nauseous. Within 24 hours of using this Abortion Pill, you can experience bleeding and cramping and the cramps may get severe during expelling the pregnancy tissues of the body.

Which is the best method to have a termination with?

Surgical termination if is not been performed by the professional then this can lead to infection and hence due to this issue, most of the women opt for a medical termination. Medical abortion with Abortion Pills does have their own pros and cons, but do not result in infection.


Depending upon the gestation period and many other factors like flexibility and eligibility, you can choose the process. You can speak to your physician and they can help you know whether medical or surgical termination would suit you.

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