Do medicines have any effect on your pregnancy test?

by John Smith

Posted on Monday, June 10, 2019

Often women do have a question that is there pills which do show false negative pregnancy results and if yes then which medicines do have the effect? In general, there are not any such medicines which do have an effect on the results of the pregnancy test. The results may it be positive or may it be negative do not get affected due to the use of any medicines. This is because the pregnancy test is completely based on the HCG level, which is human chorionic gonadotropin in the urine or the blood. A vast majority of the medicines do not have any of the impacts on the HCG hormones.

Birth control pills

Birth control pills such as Ovral or Loette or any other forms such as condoms or vaginal rings do not have any effect on the pregnancy test results. This is because the birth control pills do not have HCG nor they change or secret the HCG level in the female body.

Antibiotic Pill

The antibiotic helps your body to fight and prevent the infection. These medicines do not contain HCG. This can render the birth control pills and especially oral contraceptives become useless. This means when you are on antibiotics your birth control pills do not work effectively and there are higher chances of getting pregnant. Make sure that you do seek help from the health care provider so that it can help women to search for a backup for birth control pill so that you can avoid having an unplanned pregnancy.

Illegal/ recreational pill

Recreational medicine such as cigarettes, alcohol, cocaine, and marijuana do not have any false negative or positive results. Such things can some may make you land in a situation like pregnancy, but this can happen due to riskier behaviors like not using contraceptives or having intercourse. However, recreational tablet use only cannot lead to any alteration in your pregnancy reports.

Medicines which cause false positive results of a pregnancy test

The medicines which can cause false results, specifically contain HCG in it and this medicine can sometimes affect the report. This medicine is most of the time combined with fertility treatment. When such is a condition your health care provider suggests you avoid the test unless this medicine completely gets eliminated from your body. Your health care provider will guide you regarding when and where to get the pregnancy test.

What to do if one feels the pregnancy test is wrong?

If you have done the tests and you have a second thought, that the reports are wrong, then after some days you can again have the test. Most of the time you do have a pregnancy test too early, then there are chances that you can have false results and due to this, the HCG level in the body is not being detectable eased. If you have a positive report then to confirm if you can seek help from the health care provider and then order online Abortion Pill kit if you do not wish to continue with the pregnancy.


Women do have the unplanned pregnancy and even sometimes the HCG level in the body is not detectable appropriate. There are only a few or no things which can alter the results unless the products of the thing contain HCG in it. Hence there are less or no chances of having a false report.

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