Effect of lower back pain and pelvic pain during pregnancy

by John Smith

Posted on Friday, June 7, 2019

There are lots of complications occurs during pregnancy. Even if women do abort using Abortion Pill online she needs to think about the criteria and other things and if she continues she need to think about taking good care of herself. This has become a challenging task for women and the task increases if women have to deal with the continuing pregnancy. Complications begin to occur when the women are pregnant. The complications can be minor, but there are certain things which do take place during pregnancy and women cannot avoid it. Moreover, the pregnancy stage adds stress and becomes a concern for a long time of nine months.

During pregnancy abdomen pain and lower back pain are normal to experience. Some of the unusual reasons have been stated below.

Expansion of uterus

During pregnancy, it is common to have enlarged uterus. Consequently, it adds a lot of stress on the abdominal muscle, which affects postural and structural movement. Often the abdomen becomes weak due to the stress of the enlarged uterus. This results in the abdomen-bloating and releasing an extensive pressure on the lower back. Underlying conditions can affect symptoms and can make the pain worse.

Hormonal changes

Pregnancy creates a path for several changes in the human body and this includes hormones. The shooting of new placenta hormones named Human Chorionic Gonadotropin creates additional manipulation in the body. This provides extreme pressure on the synovial fluids in the joints and makes them loose. The ligaments which are attached to the pelvic bones in the spine are relaxed and makes it uneasy to maintain a posture for a long time or to stand or walk. After sitting for a long time a sudden jerk can also be experienced and this is the symptoms which indicate back pain.


A type of pain which is experienced is Posterior pelvic pain and this pain usually occurs around the vaginal area. Even this pain arises due to enlargement of the uterus and is one type of major pain which is being experienced during the pregnancy period. Consequently, this pain advances towards the thighs and affects the gluteal muscles. There are rare cases wherein the pain gets advanced and needs a checkup from the medical health expert.

Another type of pain which can be experienced is lumbar pain and this is also a kind of pain which is being faced during the pregnancy. This pain affects the lumbar area of the spine. Sitting for long hours or sleeping in bad posture affects the lumbar pain to a great extent. Hence it is advised that you do make a constant movement in day to day lifestyle which helps to have enough of blood flow.

Managing the pain

There are several measures which can affect the pain and make the pain go a little worse than the normal one. Change in lifestyle and pattern of living has a great effect in releasing temporary pain up to some extent.

Maintain a posture

For pregnant women maintaining a posture become difficult. It is advised to have a perfect posture so that you can avoid having lumbar area pain. Women are suggested that they do not bend their back so that it can help the spine to stay straight. 


It is necessary that during pregnancy women do take care that she follows a balanced diet, which helps them to maintain a healthy weight. Abdomen-pain is often confused with back pain and there are various treatments which help to tackle the pain during pregnancy.

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