How to deal with PCO and pregnancy at a time?

by John Smith

Posted on Friday, June 28, 2019

Some women have to deal with pregnancy accompanied by Polycystic Ovarian disorder and this makes the situation worse from the women's point of view. With hormonal changes is very difficult for women to deal with the occurred, stress when the pregnancy occurs suddenly.

PCOS is a condition which alters the hormonal production in women. If women conceive in such condition then it is necessary that women do take proper precautions. Women those who have PCOs and also wants to continue with the pregnancy need to consult a health care provider before they conclude something. Women those who have such conditions and do wish to discontinue pregnancy can buy online Abortion Pills from local stores and help in dealing the situations.

There are some of the complications which can be faced by women if they have PCOS:

Type 2 diabetes

This is a condition when the body doesn’t have the ability to react to insulin secretion. A chain reaction occurs when the blood sugar level rises in the blood beyond a normal level.  Women those who have PCOS are at higher risk of having Type 2 diabetes while they are conceived. This results in affecting the baby and there are chances that the baby can become more obese and develop cardiac issues from birth.


Preeclampsia is a common problem faced by women during the PCOS and women, those who have this condition have a high rise in blood pressure and also they have the symptoms of fatigue during the initial stage. Women those who have such conditions and conceive and are planning to give birth to the child can have the risk of having a miscarriage and passing some unhealthy genes to the women. 

Sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is a disorder wherein breathing continuously stops and starts and this is commonly being diagnosed in women those who have PCOD/PCOS. A reduced intake of oxygen during the nighttime disturbs the complete sleeping pattern and is followed by the daytime sleepiness.


If you are expecting then you are suggested to undergo some treatments which can help to make the situation tolerable.


Certain medicines can be used along with injections which creates a situation where the ovary is pushed to conceive follicular developments. This medicine makes the developing follicle to grow and mature within one cycle, whereas it generally takes three consecutive cycles.

Ovarian drilling

The laparoscopic process is often induced during the later stage if the women do have PCOS. This involves puncturing the ovary with the help of small and unnoticeable needles which cause more and more estrogen production.  But this process can develop scar tissues between the Fallopian tubes and ovary.

Planning a diet and exercise

This is a natural process which helps to maintain a diet accompanied by exercise. If anyone is expecting with the help of diet and exercise the body changes can be experienced and helps to regulate hormones in an adequate manner. Losing weight also helps to maintain a proper ovulation cycle and lowers the androgen level which helps in conceiving.


Women need to take care of themselves while they are having PCOs and want to conceive. Both this situation at a time are unmanageable sometimes and hence you need to seek help from your health care provider. 

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