Is there an ideal age to have kids?

by John Smith

Posted on Wednesday, June 26, 2019

The reproductive health of women is a bit complex, even though if it appears to be simplest. There are lots of women, those who use conceptions, but it is also necessary that you do understand the impact of the conception on the pregnancies and the pregnancy care. As there is conception available this can help women to plan and start a family at the right age.

Before the age of 20

During the age of 20 women are fertile but during this time the age of women is ripe.  If women do conceive during such a small age, then there are chances that women can have the problem of Preeclampsia. During this age, though there are lots of chances of getting pregnant easily still the physical and mental health of women is weak for continuing with the pregnancy.

Between the age of 20-24

This is the perfect age for women to conceive. During this time if proper methods and efforts are used women can conceive. Women during this phase of age fall under the category of the learning phase and are career oriented and they prefer to avoid the pregnancy. If during this stage women, those who ambitious get pregnant, then they do prefer to buy Abortion Pills online to have a termination.

Between the age of 25-29

There isn’t much difference in this age group regarding fertility. As per the researcher, it is said that women feel settled and do prefer to plan their family during this age. Earlier women used to plan their pregnancy till the late twenties but now women do prefer to plan pregnancy during the early thirties. This has increased the number of women having an abortion. 

Between the age of 30-34

Even at this age conceiving is possible and usual, during this women do plan for their second kid. As said women only do continue with the pregnancy if they are settled and if they wish to continue exploring more before marriage than the pregnancy is most of the time discounted. Also, there are cases wherein women do not find a perfect partner and wish to continue growing in career and due to such conditions, women do delay the pregnancy and simply have an abortion with the termination pills.

Between the age of 35-39 

During this stage, the fertility in the women begins to decline. During this time, especially during the and after the age of 37 years, then there is a rapid decline in the average women’s reproductive system. Also, during this stage, there are chances that women can have a risk of abnormal pregnancy. Hence physicians advise that if women do wish to continue with the pregnancy then the tests are mandatory to be performed so that complications can be avoided. 

After the age of 40

At this stage, most of the women do experience menopause and there is even less than 5% chance that women can get pregnant. Even during the age of the forties, women can conceive, but either is lots of complications involved. There are treatments available which can help those women who wish to conceive during the forties, but even after this, there are fewer chances of getting pregnant. 


It is necessary that women do plan their pregnancies during the proper age. This helps them to conceive easily and also the risk of having complications gets reduced. There is no such ideal age as there are many women those who prefer career over kids.

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