Stay away from the misconception of having a pregnancy

by John Smith

Posted on Monday, June 3, 2019

There are lots of myths around the world regarding each and everything. People do believe this myth and avoid having a termination with safety measures.  A misconception is sometimes which is known by everyone and not only regarding one or two things is this misconception related but to many of the things. Similarly, there are also lots of misconceptions related to pregnancy. When a woman order Abortion Pill it is necessary that other than searching for the trusted sites to order pregnancy termination pills, she also must search for the sites wherein she can get all the information related to the pills.

There are many of the sites which do allow women to know about the whole process step by step and helps to diminish the misconception around the women. 

There is a list of the misconception but the following are some of them

It's safe during the menstrual period for not getting pregnant

This is one of the known myths, but some of the researchers have specified time which is not achievable actually. All that matters is the timing of the menstrual.

Generally, the sperm gets injected into an egg in the uterus. Ovulation process takes two weeks of time after the first day of the last menstrual cycle. The number of days and time may vary depending upon the body of the women. Some women do ovulate as early as 10 days from the last menstrual cycle, whereas some do ovulate as late as 18 days of the menstrual cycle and this is normal.

The sperm is capable of serving in a woman's body for 5 days and once the egg gets available the sperm can fertilize it. Women those who have had menstruation for 8 days they start to ovulate from the 12th day and in case there is a sperm lying then the egg can get fertilized.

Hence the best to avoid this is you can take the contraceptive measures which helps to get rid of pregnancy rather than counting days of the menstruation.

Ejaculation conception

Many people do misunderstand the ejaculation and its connection with pregnancy. Women do think that there are zero chances of pregnancy if there is no ejaculation. But even after not having an ejaculation there are chances that women can get pregnant. The fluid which flows, pre-ejaculation is not made of the sperm, but it can take out the sperm which is inside the male system of reproduction.

The control of ejaculation completely depends on the male partner and hence in order to avoid the pregnant women need to make sure that she does make use of contraceptives. Hence relying completely on ejaculation and avoiding contraceptive is not a good option.

Contraceptive is reliable

Yes, this is a fact that contraceptives are reliable but the incident such as tearing of the condom can lead to the risk of having a pregnancy. Contraceptives are the one which lowers the risk and this completely depends on the type of the contraceptives you use. 

Misusing of contraceptives leads to the major reason for the failure. Sometimes the incorrect application of the condom can also lead to the risk of having a pregnancy. Also, sometimes the medicines which you can interact with birth control pill and affect its working. Hence, to be on the safe side use the efficient method to get rid of the pregnancy.

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