Why is contraceptive necessary after having an abortion?

by John Smith

Posted on Thursday, June 6, 2019

Abortion process helps women to get pregnancy termination in a smooth way without having any issues. The body after having an abortion reacts differently and hence so that women do not have to deal with the issues of pregnancy, she is suggested to make use of contraceptives.
Below are the methods of contraceptives which women can stick to if she wants to get rid of the pregnancy.

Birth control pills and vaginal pills

Women either do have a clinical abortion or medical abortion and depending upon which abortion you had the contraceptive and when to use contraceptives are being decided accordingly. Women those who have a clinical abortion are suggesting that within five days after having an abortion, they can make the use of contraceptives. But before using any of the pills or vaginal rings it is necessary that you do monitor the bleeding and recovery.

After one has a termination with the online Abortion Pill kit, one can wait for five days and then use the contraceptives. If you wish to administrate the vaginal ring, then you need to wait till the bleeding gets completely stopped.

Intrauterine device

After having clinical abortion women can administrate the IUD soon after the day of the abortion or can visit to determine the body’s recovery and then place the IUD. There are chances that this device can get expelled if is being administrated soon after having an abortion.

In the case of medical abortion, women need to make sure that the bleeding has been completely stopped and then she can make the use of the IUD.

Diaphragms and cervical caps

Those women who have a clinical abortion are suggested to fix the diaphragms immediately after they have aborted the first-trimester pregnancy. Women can freely use the cervical cap if she is planning to have sexual intercourse. But if you have a second-trimester pregnancy, then you need to wait for four weeks and then make the use of the process which you find comfortable or seek advice from the health care provider. 

After having a medical abortion, you can start with the contraceptive methods as soon as you plan regarding the intercourse.

Fertility awareness

Women are suggested to wait for three menstruation to pass so that the menstrual cycle can become normal after having a clinical abortion. Similar is the case even if you have a medical abortion. Only you need to make sure that for three months you need to find a backup option which can help you get rid of the pregnancy.


After having any of the process women can easily have sterilization once the process of abortion gets completed. Only women and her partner need to mutual consent. Only a few visits are required to monitor the recovery after having an abortion.


Contraceptive methods such as birth control pills are easy to handle and hence women are being mostly asked to use the contraceptive methods rather than having a termination. Abortion Pill causes lots of cramps and bleeding and hence it is necessary that women in order to avoid all these things women take precautions and make use of contraceptives.

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