Are there any chances of infection or pregnancy after medical abortion?

by John Smith

Posted on Monday, July 8, 2019

Medical and surgical termination both do exhaust women physically and surgically. Hence it is necessary that women give her body time to get it healed. During pregnancy termination, the pregnancy tissues are being removed by causing the contraction of the uterus. After 2-3 weeks of having a termination, your body can heal. After the pregnancy cancelation process is used to terminate the pregnancy, the cervix and uterus become susceptible to infection for a specific time of period.

Infection after termination

Many women are prescribed to order Abortion Pill kit online and this is one of the safest and effective combinations of the Abortion Pills. Both these pills effects by ripening and softening the cervix and these pills help the fetal tissues to get passed out of the body. 

Also, while you are having or after having an abortion you are suggesting that you do avoid inserting anything in the vagina as this can affect the healing process. If this precaution is not being taken, then there is a chance that the vagina can get exposure to the bacteria which can cause infection.

Also, women are suggested that they do avoid taking baths and instead take showers. During the abortion, you are prescribed that you do penetration and also the sexual intimacy should be restricted.

Follow up after an abortion

If a woman is using Abortion Pills like Mifepristone and Misoprostol for terminating the pregnancy, then after two or four weeks you need a check-up. At this time, you need to make an appointment with the doctor so that it can help to check with the progress of the healing process. 

You can indulge in penetrative activities or sexual activities only if your health care provider gives you okay.

After 6 months of having an abortion you can have a menstrual cycle and in case if there is an absence of the menstrual cycle you can seek help from the health care provider.

Pregnancy after abortion

After you have an abortion your uterus or cervix can get disposed to infection. The same way there are chances that you can get pregnant if you have unprotected sex or accidental vaginal contact of semen.

While a woman practices the intercourse the healing process gets affected and can sometimes result in infection. 

After you check with your health care provider you can indulge in sexual activity if your physician says okay for it. If women have sexual activity and do want to avoid getting pregnant, then she can use birth control pills to get rid of the pregnancy. 


Women usually get pregnant and use Abortion Pills but they fail to take the measures which help them recover from abortion. Even till the period, women can have sexual activity, if she wants to, but you need to take care of no penetration, vaginal fluid, semen, and blood are being shared between the partners. Even if you indulge in the outer course may sure that you do take all the preventive measures. In case if you do not take measures, you can get an infection or the healing process after abortion can get affected.

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