Does diabetes have any effect on pregnancy?

by John Smith

Posted on Tuesday, July 23, 2019

There are cases wherein women do have a special concern regarding diabetes while they are pregnant. The pregnancy can affect you by helping to gain the weight as well this affects your blood sugar. There are various women, those who do avoid pregnancy due to diabetes as if the diabetes is not controlled than this can lead to birth defects. If you have continued with the pregnancy and do have poor control of diabetes, then you can buy online Abortion Pills to terminate the pregnancy.

If you are pregnant as well are associated with a disorder like diabetes, then you can take some steps which can help you lessen the risk for both mother and the child.

Get Ready

Preconception counseling appointment can be conducted which can help you to prepare emotionally and physically for the pregnancy. You need to meet the doctor and make sure that you do find out that your diabetes is controlled so that you can stop birth control method and get pregnant. 

Some of the tests can help you to avoid the risk to prevent complications:
  • Urinalysis to check the kidney disorder.
  • Cholesterol and triglyceride blood test.
  • Eye exam to confirm that you do not have glaucoma, cataracts or retinopathy.
  • Electrocardiogram
  • Blood tests to make sure that your kidney and liver function properly.
  • Foot exam

Blood sugar control

During the early pregnancy (before 13 weeks) if you have high blood sugar, then this can result in birth defects. Also, due to this, there is an increase in the risk of having a miscarriage and diabetes-related complications. There are many women those who are not aware regarding the pregnancy till the 2nd or the 4th week. Hence it is necessary that you do keep control of your blood sugar before you start conceiving.

The ideal range of having blood glucose

  1. 70-100mg/dL before meal
  2. After 2 hours of eating less than 120m/dL
  3. Before bedtime snack100-140mg/dL
Following a proper diet, meals, exercise, and diabetes medicines are the best method which helps you keep your health balanced.

Diabetes affects infants

While a diabetic woman gives birth to the baby you can come across that the baby looks much bigger and this condition is called “Macrosomia”. This happened because the high blood sugar level in the blood gets to the baby via placenta and this increases the insulin level in the baby and the sugar gets converted into fats. 

Diabetic medicines

Those women who use insulin to control diabetes are suggesting that they do increase the dose of insulin, especially during the first three months. If a woman is on pills then it is suggested that women do switch to insulin as using medicines is not that effective.


Focusing on a diet can help you to avoid the problem with an increase in blood sugar level. You need to intake a proper amount of calories and the exact diet can be planned with the help of the doctor.

Blood sugar during labor and delivery

Labor is a stressful time for women as well as the baby. Even during pregnancy as well as labor, you require insulin and you need to continue with it. During labor, it continues with IV or with the pump.

After delivery of the child, the insulin level is likely to the dropdown.

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