Identify the early signs of pregnancy during the initial stage

by John Smith

Posted on Monday, July 1, 2019

During the first 2 weeks, it is very difficult for a woman to find out whether she is pregnant or not. The signs of pregnancy may be minute, which undergoes mostly unnoticed. But if you come across the extraordinary changes, then you may conclude it as a pregnancy. There are many of the changes such as a change in appetite, physical changes such as pain and nausea. And if you think you are pregnant, then it is advised that you do have some tests and consult your physician.

Below mentioned things can help to identify the signs of the pregnancy:

Observe the body’s energy level

One of the common signs of pregnancy is fatigue. Throughout the day you may feel tired even though if you have not changed your routine. Fatigue is one of the unexplained symptoms of early pregnancy.

Make a note of the change in taste

All of a sudden the food cravings cannot be experienced. You may like some of the food which you ever did not like to taste. Also, you may develop an aversion towards the food which you like.

Suspect if you have been moody

The pregnancy hormones can result in a change in the mood early. Also, you may feel that you get frustrated, angry or emotional very easy. Also, you may cry or maybe emotional after watching the commercials or the shows on the television.

You may come across the mood swings which are usually been experienced during the menstrual period.

Track your menstrual periods

Women having a missed menstrual period are the first sign which indicates the pregnancy. It is necessary that women do keep a track of the period so that you can know about the approximate date when you are supposed to have periods. If during this period of time you do not undergo a menstrual cycle, then it is an indication that you are pregnant.

Notice irregularities nausea

Sometimes nausea too can prove to be the sign of the pregnancy. You can sometimes feel sick due to the weird smells and can have symptoms of nausea.

Pay attention towards the unusual bleeding

Because of fertilization at times women do have implantation bleeding. Some female may have light bleeding and they may consider this as the light period but this can be the sign of the pregnancy.

Implantation bleeding or spotting is usually lighter as compared to the menstrual cycle. Also, the color of the bleeding can vary from the periods of bleeding. While such is a case the bleeding can be brown colored or pink as compared to the normal one.

Make sure your aches and pain are normal

While a woman is pregnant unpredicted physical pain can be experienced. Usually, the mild cramping and sore breast can be experienced if the women are pregnant. Like other symptoms, this pain is also similar to the pain experienced during the menstrual cycles.

Change in urination habits

During pregnancy, the kidney produces extra fluids and this is because of increased blood in the body. There are a number of women, those who experience increased urination during the pregnancy. If you find yourself using washroom again and again, then it is a sign of pregnancy. 


Even though if you identify the symptoms of pregnancy, it is necessary that you do have tests which do conclude that you are pregnant. If you are pregnant either you can continue with the pregnancy or can terminate the pregnancy with the help of an online Abortion Pill kit. It is solely the decision of women to be not to be pregnant.

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