Is there any harm caused if Abortion Pills are used while there is no pregnancy?

by John Smith

Posted on Friday, July 5, 2019

Pregnancy is usually detected mostly during the 4-6 weeks of conception. If there is a fear that she is pregnant, then it is advised that she does wait for a time period of one or two weeks after she misses her menstruation so that it becomes easy to analyze whether she is conceiving or not. If the tests are performed beforehand then there are chances that results may occur inaccurately. Purchasing online Abortion Pills and using them doesn’t harm you, but the symptoms of stomach cramps, uterine contraction and side effects may hit you. 

In case if there are no conception or pregnancy parts detected, then it is advised to avoid having a self-induced pregnancy abortion. There are certain cases when the test may fail, but it is necessary that you do be sure whether you are pregnant or not. In order to pursue termination, it is necessary that women have been aware of her pregnancy. Some women do have the case of ectopic pregnancy and women are asked to avoid the use of this Abortion Pills as this pill only works on the pregnancy which is in the uterus and not outside the uterus.

Dealing with ectopic pregnancy

Women are suggested that they do have an ultrasound test so that it can help to locate the exact location of the embryo. In the case of ectopic pregnancy, there is no point purchasing Abortion Pills as the only solution which can help women to deal with an ectopic pregnancy is surgical termination.  If an ectopic pregnancy is not being treated, then it can burst the Fallopian tube and can result in internal bleeding as well as lead to death. Hence it is suggested that women do visit hospitals in order to remove the pregnancy parts if they have an ectopic pregnancy.

Continuous negative results of pregnancy

Sometimes the symptom of pregnancy, such as belly swelling, morning sickness, missing menstrual cycles, mood swings, tiredness, headache, and lactation are being experienced. Even after experiencing the symptoms of the pregnancy the tests of pregnancy do result negative. This can be confusing for women as well can prove to be worrisome for women. Hence, if such conditions arise women are suggested that they do seek medical treatment. 

The condition where the pregnancy is not shown is known as Pseudocyesis and this is a fake call given by the body which defines that women can be pregnant. The only thing which can help women is the consultation of the doctor.

Final call

To conclude, whether the pregnancy is real or not you must never make the use of Abortion Pills. There are various tests which help you detect the implantation of the egg. If there is pregnancy and you don't want to continue with it you can simply have termination with the help of Abortion Pills. This is one of the non-surgical methods which help women to know whether the pregnancy has been terminated completely or not.


Before sticking to termination, it is better than women do confirm the pregnancy and then stick to have non-surgical termination of pregnancy.

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