Simple tips to deal with tiredness during pregnancy

by John Smith

Posted on Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Tiredness during the time of pregnancy is a signal that your body is preparing for a new family member.  During the initial days, mom-to-be suffers a lot from tiredness. The first trimester is a stage when it becomes difficult for women to deal with nausea and tiredness. Other than having vomiting, morning sickness, dizziness, heartburn and indigestion you can also have some other side effects.

Causes of tiredness during pregnancy

  • During the initial stage of pregnancy, your body secretes the hormones, which are progesterone and this makes you feel tired and sleepy.
  • The body starts to produce more blood due to which the heart and other organs start to overwork.
  • During such time the metabolic rate increases and your body require more energy to perform other work.
  • During the later stage, the body starts to adjust with the above-mentioned conditions and tiredness is caused due to baby’s weight.
  • Women those who have kids prior to then this brings more tiredness.
Following tips can help you to boost the energy and deal with the pregnancy tiredness:

Get plenty of sleep

Sleeping for at least eight-nine hours helps you to feel better for the next day. If you find difficulty sleeping during pregnancy, then try to improve your sleep. Do go to bed earlier and if you are unable to sleep, then you can listen to music and this helps you to feel relaxed.

Exercise on a regular basis

Exercise helps you rejuvenate energy whenever you feel tired. During such time performing strenuous exercise can lead to miscarriage hence you can go for a walk, practice swimming or do yoga. Also moving your body can help you to boost your mood.

Eat energetic food

Certain foods such as processed, sugary or fried foods do drain the energy from your body. But during such time if you do consume plenty of fruits and vegetables help you stock up your body with high proteins and complex carbohydrates and this helps you to keep your energy.

Food such as berries, eggs, whole-grain toast for breakfast, brown rice and beans can help you gain the essential nutrients.

Eat often

Eating too much is not always a solution. Eat less, but eat often and this helps your blood sugar and your energy to be steady. While making a diet plan make sure that you do include food which contains nutrition and helps you to feel full.

Slow down

After a point of time, your body exhausts and this is the way of your body to indicate that your body needs a rest.  Even taking a nap about15-20 minutes can help you feel energetic. If household chores are not possible, then you can seek help from your partner.

Talk to your doctor

Even though tiredness is common during the pregnancy you need to make sure that you do seek help from the health care provider. Sometimes tiredness or fatigue can lead to some problems and hence your health care provider may need to check whether you do suffer from anemia, hypothyroidism or any other disorder. 


During pregnancy, most of the women who even terminate the pregnancy with the help of Abortion Pill online can even face the tiredness. Women during the phase of termination or pregnancy need to consult the doctor if they have extreme tiredness.

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