Why do women fear unplanned pregnancy?

by John Smith

Posted on Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Delivering a baby soon after starting with the family is not as easy as it seems. The life of women completely changes as she gets pregnant and begins family life. Women those who have unplanned pregnancy develop a fear due to this and this can either invite phobia about sexual activity or can create pressure during sexual intercourse.

Some women, those who get into unplanned pregnancy come across a depression as they are unable to handle an unplanned pregnancy. 

How can one avoid unplanned pregnancy?

In order to avoid unplanned pregnancy, there are many ways and various preventive measures which can be taken. Contraceptive measures such as birth control pills, IUD, condom, etc. can help one to stay away from the unplanned pregnancy.

Those people who wish to stay away from STDs are suggested to make use of best contraceptive measures in order to avoid sexually transmitted disorder.

Can women get pregnant even after making the use of contraception?

Yes, the contraceptive measures are safe as well as effective and hence helps women to get rid of the pregnancy. Contraceptives are 97% effective and help women to avoid pregnancy. Even after making the use of contraceptives there are fewer chances of getting pregnant. 

There are certain cases such as the condom gets torn during the sexual activity, there is a gap between the dose of the birth control pill or birth control pill becomes effective, such cases result in pregnancy even though after making the use of the contraceptives.

Emergency contraceptives are a pill which can be used in case of the event when the condom is torn or women have unprotected sexual activity. If any such case happens then women can make use of the emergency contraceptives within 72 hours after having sexual penetration. This is one of the effective methods which can help to avoid the sperm entering the cervix and this can help to go ease with the unplanned pregnancy.

What methods can help women to deal with an unplanned pregnancy?

An unplanned pregnancy is not the end of everything. Though it is natural to fear the situation you should know the way which can help you to come out it. Depending upon the gestation period of the pregnant women can either choose to have a medical termination or surgical termination.

Early pregnancy with the gestation period of 9 weeks can be safely terminated with the help of an online Abortion Pill kit.  The process of medical termination is a bit painful, but still, this helps you to abort the pregnancy at low cost and also helps you to maintain the privacy of the termination.

Women those who have pregnancy for more than 9 weeks, they can stick to having a surgical termination. This is a process which is being conducted at the clinics so that it can help women to flush the fetus out from the body. 

Sometimes making the use of the surgical pregnancy termination affects women’s reproductive organs, but if you buy online Abortion Pill and use does not cause any such effect on your reproductive organs.

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Why do women fear unplanned pregnancy?