Why do women prefer to have an abortion?

by John Smith

Posted on Thursday, July 25, 2019

May it be giving birth to the child or terminate the pregnancy; women always need to stand strong. There are many of the women, those who easily handles pregnancy as well, there are many of the women do prefer termination over continuing with the pregnancy. Always women are being judged whenever she opts for termination. A female may find a need to terminate her pregnancy due to many of the reasons. Abortion is and will always stay a tough decision for women.

Following are some of the events which make women to terminate the pregnancy

Sexual abuse

Rape is one of the prime reasons due to which women opt to have a termination. Women who had sexual abuse may want to get rid of pregnancy due to the emotional response which triggers her life. Sometimes the age of women is tender and due to this woman may not be able to continue with the pregnancy due to health issues. There are many of the states who relax the law so that women can obtain an abortion and again start life if the pregnancy has occurred due to sexual abuse.

Life-threatening condition

Pregnancy is a tender phase and during this time the health of the women as well as an infant should be good. There are many cases wherein after a certain period women’s health gets affected critically and hence she has to terminate the pregnancy. Due to health issues continuing the pregnancy can be dangerous for the life of the mother as well for the life of an infant and hence termination becomes important.

Fetal deformity

Continuing with the pregnancy or not is a complete decision of women and even if women do have the fetal deformities women have a right to decide should she continue or not.  There are certain regions even after diagnosing fetal issues women are given the right to continue with the pregnancy. If the baby is going to die soon after the birth or may cause risk to the health of the mother women are asked to order Abortion Pills online for termination. As continuing with such pregnancy can even risk the life of the mother.

Accidental pregnancy

Some cases have reported pregnancy even after they are being put on the birth control pills and pregnancies are known as accidental of unwanted pregnancy. Some women get pregnant during the age of 30 or 35 and during this age, there are certain complications if women wish to give birth to the child. There are also cases wherein women already to have children and do not want to bring another one in the world. As well, there are cases when women are not prepared for parenthood and all such cases can simply terminate the unwanted or unplanned pregnancy.


Women have a right to decide whether she wants to continue with the pregnancy or not. There are times when we are unable to know the correct circumstances and hence we as a society must support if she opts to terminate the pregnancy.

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Why do women prefer to have an abortion?