Embryo to baby- The growth of fetus from 4-40 weeks

by John Smith

Posted on Monday, August 26, 2019

After been waiting for a long time you finally have news which can change your life- Pregnancy. You look happily towards this news and after hearing this news you always keep dreaming about your baby and its growth.

The growth of the baby can be seen and checked after a certain period with the help of the following scans:

Dating and viability scan

Usually, during the first-trimester dating and viability scan are done. A dating scan is done so that the gestation period of the pregnancy can be concluded as well as the Expected Date of Confinement (EDC) can be known. The viability scan is done so that it can be known whether the growth of the baby is smooth and normal or not.

Anomaly scan

This scan is usually done during the mid-pregnancy and this test is done to examine each part of the fetus and find the abnormalities if any.

Growth or fetal well-being scans

This ultrasound test is being done during the third trimester; so that it can help to determine the fetal weight and other standard measures. Also with the help of this scan, the baby’s breathing, as well as the movement of the baby, can be monitored.

Pregnancy length is being measured from the first day of your last menstrual cycle.  As per the studies, unplanned pregnancy is something which does affect the family of the women and the society. In case if women do have an unplanned pregnancy and wish to discontinue the pregnancy, then purchase Abortion Pills online can be the best option. 

Depending upon the trimester the growth of the baby can be easily observed

First trimester

Once the process of fertilization takes place the zygote is formed and this is formed with the help of a combination of cells.  The zygote is the one which contains the DNA and described everything such as gender, eye color, and height and skin tone of the child. With a period of two weeks, the embryo gradually develops and in the third week, the heart starts beating. By the end of the fourth week, the hearing capacity of the baby develops. Also during this time, the respiratory system of the baby starts developing. During the 8th week, the brain activity begins and legs start to grow longer till the end of the 10th week. From 11th-14th week the facial features begin to develop and the baby starts to make its cells.

Second trimester

During the second trimester, you can feel the movement made with your baby and also can feel the pain. During this period the baby becomes active.

Third trimester

Till this period the baby is completely developed and becomes capable of breathing. During the 32nd week, the baby can control movements such as opening and closing the eyes.

From 38th week-40th week the baby can be born.

It is necessary for women that they do have an idea about this so that it can help women to plan further movement. Pregnancy is a beautiful stage, but still, women need to make sure that during this time utmost care is being taken by her of her pregnancy.

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Embryo to baby- The growth of fetus from 4-40 weeks