Infections and Pregnancy

by John Smith

Posted on Saturday, August 24, 2019

Vaginal infection is common in women and as women are shies to discuss this thing they do neglect this problem often. Hence infections, which are caused during the pregnancy are important to be treated and should not be neglected in any condition. This infection can sometimes create severe complications and hence the remedy for such infections must be used on time.

Vaginal infection

Some of the women are weak and they do easily get infected and hence there are chances that women can have a vaginal infection during the pregnancy. Hence, to avoid the infection and get rid of complications, women need to seek proper medical help. Within a period, women must get this infection treated.

Yeast infection

Itchy vagina or weird odor of the vagina is the symptoms that women have the symptoms of vaginal yeast infection. This infection is caused due to Candida fungus and is most likely to occur during the pregnancy due to changes in hormones, change in the immune system.

In case if you feel that you have yeast infection, then does look for the following symptoms
  • Painful sexual intercourse
  • Bad odor from the vagina
  • Thick and cheese-like discharge
  • Irritation around vagina
  • Burning while urinating

Bacterial vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis is a type of vaginal inflammation which is caused due to bacteria and this happens due to overgrowth of the bacteria which is found in the vagina.

In case if you feel that you have this infection then you need to look for the following symptoms
  1. A thin grey colored discharge which flows continuously
  2. Increased bad odor after having sexual intercourse
  3. Burn, irritation or itching around the vagina

This problem can grow and a result in complications due to which problem such as premature ejaculation, preterm labor or birth complications can occur and hence you need to get this disorder treated.

Group B streptococcus

This is a group of bacteria which grows around the vagina. Even though this comes and goes from the body, this type of bacteria is frequent and sometimes this is a symptom which indicates that women do have a vaginal infection.

In case if this infection is not treated within the time, then it can pass on to the child. This infection is rare in women, but still, women are asked to avoid ignoring such situations which can lead to deadly results.

Uterine infection

This type of infection can be severe and can be more harmful as compared to other infections. Also, there are chances that these side effects can affect the placenta and hence this hurts the development of the baby. Women those who have a uterine infection can come across complications wherein it can lead to situations like premature labor, abnormal birth, and other severe complications. This situation sometimes can be fatal for the health of both.

Hence, women are asked to strictly seek medical help if any of the infection strike her. Such infections must be being treated within a period so that the complications which are involved during the pregnancy can be avoided. 

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