What are the root causes of infertility?

by John Smith

Posted on Monday, August 12, 2019

When a couple tries to conceive in perfect condition and situation, they can expect to get pregnant within 12 months. There are a certain number of those people who cannot conceive after 12 months, even if they try their best. This particular condition is termed as infertility. When a couple does face the problem of infertility, it means that couples cannot expect a child even after trying hard. If such is a condition couple may require sticking to other ways which can help them to expect the child.

Many of the people think that infertility and abortion are linked. Women those who order online Abortion Pills and have an abortion, need not worry as these pills do not cause any harm and do not have any effect on the future pregnancies. Abortion pills are safer one which can help women to get rid of the pregnancy. 

If a medical abortion is not the reason, then what can be the reasons?

Medical abortion is never a reason behind women having infertility but there are certain other reasons which lead to infertility. Following are some of the reasons behind infertility.

Maternal age

Female after a certain age becomes unable to conceive and hence the age of women plays an important role when pregnancy is a case. Hence, women are advised to make sure that she does plan pregnancy before 30s and 40’s.  As the women cross the age of 35 years the quality of the egg decreased and till the age of 45, she hardly remains fertile. When such is the case women can expect to conceive via donor.

Disorders regarding ovulation

To conceive, one of the important parts is ovulation. Women must have normal and regular ovulated. If women do not have ovulated regularly or as expected, then ovulation disorder can affect the fertility in women. PCOS and ovarian inadequacy are some of the commonly known disorder which leads to infertility in women in case if women do have irregular menstrual cycle it is suggested to seek help from the health care provider. 


Sometimes there is a blockage in the Fallopian tube and this causes the disorder such as gonorrhea, a pelvic inflammatory disorder, and Chlamydia.  In tubal occlusion, an ovulated egg further cannot get fertilized by sperm and lacks the capacity which is required, whereas in some cases it doesn’t reach the endometrial cavity. In case the tube is filled with fluids and remains blocked, then the treatment of IVF is the better option which can help to treat the blockages in the Fallopian tubes.

Endometrial polyps

The Endometrium is a disorder which occurs due to the development of endometrial polyps in the uterine cavity. Certain small surgeries are the option which can help the women to get this polyp removed and this can increase the chances of getting pregnant.  In some of the cases, only the removal of the polyps is enough to get infertility treated.

A couple must understand which time is right to conceive. To get the results it is necessary that one does wait for a year. Also, the fertility status of the partner must be known so that effective treatment can be used to get infertility treated and to know where the problem lacks.

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