What reasons can make women to terminate their pregnancy?

by John Smith

Posted on Wednesday, August 14, 2019

There are lots of reasons surrounded the abortion and every person must understand the aspects and correct the misconception regarding abortion. Early pregnancy and unwanted pregnancy have several reasons behind them and these reasons make them terminate the unplanned pregnancy.

Continuing the pregnancy can prove to be risky for the life of the mother as well infant

Many of the women seek abortion due to health complications. There are many of the women, those who face several complications while they are pregnant and the only option they are left with is the termination of pregnancy. Often a weak ovary hampers the birth process and can also risk the life of the mother. When such is a case women are suggested to buy online Abortion Pills and have a termination. Sometimes the fertility also becomes important as women may not be healthy enough that she might carry a baby.

Financial stability

Bringing up a child is not an easy task and when the parents or family have an unstable financial condition they prefer termination of pregnancy. There are many of the couples who are teen and cannot take up the responsibility of the child as well, there are many couples who prefer to bring the child after they are stable economically. Often this instability pressurizes women mentally and emotionally to terminate the unplanned pregnancy. Also, sometimes women do have the first child and do not want to bring another child in the world due to having financial instability.

You do not continue with the partner

Many a time’s women get in the process of the pregnancy and have to bear the brunt of the childbearing. Men mostly do not have any sort of pressure and hence if the women or men do not want to continue with the relationship then only abortion remains the option. There are many of the cases wherein women encounter pregnancy and when such is a case you need to terminate the pregnancy with no options being left.

You have an accidental pregnancy

There are many of the cases, those who have reported even after using contraceptives. There are at least 70% of people who have gone through this situation. After women have sexual intercourse, she can use contraceptive pills which can help her to get rid of the pregnancy, but in case if these pills are not taken within 72 hours then only Abortion Pills are the options. Also, there are cases of rape, which makes the victim pregnant and such cases need to use Abortion Pills so that it can help in terminating the pregnancy. 

No matter what is the reason behind pregnancy, but even today there are those women who do not feel comfortable to discuss the reason behind the termination of pregnancy. Though there are counselors available with whom women you can chat and share the reason behind abortion still there are those women who hesitate. There are many of the women who do have an unplanned pregnancy and only are left with abortion options and such women if do prefer to terminate the pregnancy then they can get this pregnancy termination pill from the online stores. 

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