Why do doctors ask to not take a pregnancy test after an abortion?

by John Smith

Posted on Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Unlike surgical termination, medical abortion requires a certain time depending upon the gestation period to get completed. When women do buy online Abortion Pills there are several changes under which her body goes and a few days are being taken by the body to accept the changes.

After you have an abortion, it is necessary that you do observe the effects of abortion and then determine the right time to take the pregnancy test. In case you are using termination pills for abortion, then do make sure that you track your progress and seek help for same.

Working of the pregnancy termination pill

When the first pill is administrated it takes around 24 hours for this pill to get its work completed. The first pill administrated is an anti-progesterone pill named Mifepristone. This pill effectively fights the progesterone hormones and separates the fetus from the womb. 
While you administrate the second pill which is Misoprostol it takes around 30 minutes for this pill to get dissolved. This medicine starts to show its effect after 3-4 hours or maximum after 24 hours you can experience the effects of this Abortion Pill. 

The after-effects experienced after using this Abortion Pill depends on the gestation period of the pregnancy. The lower the gestation period of the pregnancy the side effects are expected to stay for less time.

In case your gestation period is more say for 7-9 weeks, and then women can have bleeding, which lasts for a week or two. Some women even do experience the passing of clots. 

After effects

Some of the common side effects which can be experienced by every woman are

  1. Cramping around the belly
  2. Vaginal bleeding

Other than thus the side effects which variables are

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Fatigue
  • Fever

When should women not check the pregnancy status?

  1. Soon after consumption the Abortion Pills
  2. Soon after the symptoms of pregnancy go away
  3. Not even after a month

What is the ideal time when women can consider pregnancy test?

After having an abortion the HCG level in the body doesn’t drop. The HCG level in the body takes time to drop and hence women are asked to wait for some time so that they can get the accurate results about the pregnancy. 

Other than pregnancy test one of the best methods which can be used by women are ultrasound test. After 2 weeks of administrating Abortion Pills, women can have an ultrasound test and get the results of the termination. Till this point the pregnancy, ideally gets aborted and during this time women can get the accurate results of abortion. 

Confirming the results of abortion is necessary. It is one of the best methods which help women to know whether there is some complication or not. In case if ultrasound test women can come to know everything in details, but in case if women have home pregnancy, then there are chances of getting positive results due to the increased level of HCG. Hence make sure that you do seek help from the health care provider regarding when to have a test after an abortion so that you can conclude the results of abortion.

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