After how many days of pregnancy can one abort the pregnancy?

by John Smith

Posted on Wednesday, September 18, 2019

While having pregnancy or abortion women do have millions of thoughts, which do the race in mind of the women. There are a number of thoughts as well as the view of the society, which women need to consider prior she have an abortion. Women those who prefer termination need to purchase online Abortion Pills only after she fits in the criteria to make the use of the pills for pregnancy termination. One must check the gestation period before getting the pregnancy terminated.

Medical abortion is a safe process which is being recommended by women around the world. Though there are certain limitations, the effectiveness of the pills depends upon various factors. Being pregnancy one of the important things which matters the most is the gestation period of the pregnancy. Ideally, women who have a gestation period up to 9 weeks can use the termination pills to abort the pregnancy. In case if the gestation period is more than 9 weeks, then women need to undergo a surgical abortion.

While undergoing such process women do have to go through various issues such as abdominal cramps and pain.

What to do if the pregnancy does not end with the meds?

The components in the Abortion Pill such as Mifeprex are not strong enough to get the pregnancy terminated if the gestation period is more than 9 weeks. If the pills are used for pregnancy termination after 9 weeks, then this can cause complications, even with the process and health of the mother. There are high chances that women can have an incomplete abortion.

A case when Abortion Pills do not work even if the gestation period is less than 9 weeks, then it is advised to make the use of the Cytotec pills.  However, the health care provider after examination prescribes women only to make the use of the termination pills in combination.

If women are pregnant for more than 9 weeks, then it is advised that one does look for other options of terminating the unplanned pregnancy. Suction or dilation method which falls under the category of the surgical abortion can be used so that it can help to end the pregnancy. A surgical abortion method can be used if the gestation period of the pregnancy is within 21 weeks.

The uses of the pills for termination are safe for terminating the pregnancy. Women those who wish to have a pregnancy with the help of medical option they need to make sure that they do check the gestation period. As mentioned gestation period is up to 9 weeks women can have abortion easily with the help of pills. If the gestation period is more than 9weeks and within 21 weeks women can make the use of surgical abortion. After one does have an abortion woman must have an ultrasound test which helps to confirm the gestation period. An ultrasound test is to be done after 15-20 days of having an abortion so that it becomes easy to know about the terminated pregnancy.

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