Guide to Ectopic pregnancy and risk involved

by John Smith

Posted on Monday, September 9, 2019

One of the happiest moments in the life of women is when she gets pregnant. The feeling that something is growing inside her makes her ecstatic. After being pregnant women need to take all the precautions to carry the baby to a full term. There are certain complications which can arise while a woman is pregnant.

The number of women does get pregnant, but what if she comes to know that her pregnancy is ectopic. Ectopic is a type of pregnancy wherein the pregnancy grows outside the uterus and such type of pregnancies must be been aborted. While women have ectopic pregnancy the fertilized eggs are implanted outside the uterus.

The risk involved

While women do have ectopic pregnancy there is the number of complications which are involved. Due to having such kind of pregnancy, it is not possible to have a child’s growth normal nor delivery of the child is possible. An embryo requires a lot of space to grow and as it is placed outside the uterus, there are chances that the Fallopian tube can get ruptured.

Due to such type of pregnancy, it is possible that women can have bleeding, severe pain at times the death of the mother can also happen. Most of the time the reason behind having ectopic pregnancy is not known, but this can increase complications.

Fallopian tube issues

Fallopian tube transfers the eggs from the ovaries to the womb. This transfer occurs with the involvement of muscle contractions. When the process of fertilization takes place the embryo is pushed inside the uterus. When the embryo is not able to work its way out properly, it can result in ectopic pregnancy.


Women those who smoke have an increased risk of having an ectopic pregnancy. Smoking can cause the Fallopian tube to contract and due to this, the temporary spasms lead to blockage. Due to this, the embryo is not passed into the uterus.


The surgeries which are related to Fallopian can increase the risk of having an ectopic pregnancy. A woman who conceives soon after surgery is asked to seek a recommendation from the health care provider.


Sometimes the fertility MEDs to lead to issues such as tubal pregnancy. These medicines can contract and squeeze the Fallopian tube. While a woman is on MEDs it is suggested that she do check with the health care provider and then continue with the pregnancy.

The symptoms of a normal pregnancy and ectopic pregnancy are similar. Sometimes there are chances that you may not even have symptoms at all. After having a missed period, the symptoms such as lower back pain and brown vaginal discharge can help you know that it is an ectopic pregnancy.


Those women who have an ectopic pregnancy cannot Abortion Pills buy online to have an abortion as this pregnancy is outside the uterus. Depending upon the women’s health and location of fertilization the treatment for such pregnancy is given. Methotrexate injections are used during the early stage so that they can help to stop the growth of the pregnancy. In case of the pregnancy is advanced then the tube may get ruptured and surgery may be required. In case if the partial damage is caused to the tube, the tissues are removed and the Fallopian tube is left to heal.

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