How can contraceptives lower down the chance of having an unplanned pregnancy?

by John Smith

Posted on Friday, September 13, 2019

An unplanned pregnancy is not only the issue in one or two-country, but is the issue throughout the world. At least 90% of women do have an abortion due to unplanned pregnancy. In most of the country, women are not aware of the contraceptives and end up having unplanned pregnancies.  Often, women, those who have unplanned pregnancy can Abortion Pill buy online and get the fetus evicted from the body. Other than abortion, women can either put the child to adoption or can give him/her birth.

Following are the ways which can let women have a planned pregnancy

  1. In case if you are trying to conceive you need to perform unprotected sexual intercourse. 
  2. In case if you do not wish to get pregnant, then do make the use of the contraceptives. 
  3. Share with your partner about the contraceptive use.
  4. Understand about the different contraceptive use.
  5. The device or MEDs whichever are being chosen are to be used carefully.

After completion of the course, check for the results.

Women should be counseled regarding the different method as well as the risk due to these methods are also to be made understandable to the people. People if do on the methods to avoid the pregnancy, then there may be fewer chances of aborting the pregnancy. However, there are fewer cases wherein women do get pregnant even after making the use of the contraceptives. There are certain events wherein women do end up having accidental pregnancies.

Following are the options available of the contraceptives which can help you

  • Intrauterine device
  • Birth control pills, patches, and rings
  • Emergency birth control pill and Plan B
  • Regular birth control pill like a Loette

Women can use the products as per their convenience and the best way to choose the appropriate method is seeking help from the health care provider. The physician can come across the medical conditions and the substances which you are allergic to and can recommend the best contraceptives. In case of women are making the use of the contraceptives to manage the menstrual cycle, then it is necessary that one needs to discuss this thing with the health care provider and also can plan the pregnancy with the help of an expert.

Following are the options in case if the birth control fails

  1. If there is a delay in menstrual period for 2 weeks,  then get a pregnancy check
  2. In the event of pregnancy do make sure that you do either continue the pregnancy or discontinue it. 
  3. If pregnancy is confirmed do avoid the use of the contraceptives.

To avoid the surgical abortion method makes the use of medical abortion. Also, do learn about the process and the criteria which can help to abort the pregnancy.

Using birth control pills is one of the best methods which help to manage the pregnancy if women are sexually active. An individual must keep complete knowledge about the contraceptive and other abortion methods. This helps women to know about every possible way which can help to avoid the unplanned pregnancy. Make sure that you do stay safe and healthy and take the measures which help you to avoid the unplanned pregnancy.

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