Prepare yourself for the medical abortion procedure

by John Smith

Posted on Monday, September 2, 2019

Medical abortion is a process which described ending the pregnancy. While a process, if the termination is being prescribed women, are asked to make the use of the primary pills which includes anti-progesterone pills and prostaglandin pills. Both these MEDs are the one which helps women to bring in the hormonal changes which help women to get the pregnancy terminated.

Before you buy Abortion Pills kit online one must check the eligibility.

Before you do begin with the process make sure that you are aware of the eligibility of the medical abortion process. If not, then do make sure that you do seek help from the health care provider. Ensure that you do belong to the following category

  1. The gestation period of the pregnancy should not be more than prescribed time i.e. 9 weeks
  2. The age of women is not less than 18 years
  3. The pregnancy is not ectopic
Before you do start with the medical abortion option, you must know the following things

Learn about medical history

Before you do, get into the medical abortion process make sure that you do know well about your medical history. This helps you to know whether you are allergic to the pills or not. In case of an allergic reaction, women are asked to seek help from a health care provider.

Understand the doses properly

Those women who prefer to have an abortion with the help of Abortion Pills should be aware of the doses which are to be used. Usually, a combination of pills such as Mifepristone and Misoprostol are used so that the process of abortion can start. On the prior day, women are asked to make the use of Mifepristone pill whereas on the second-day women are asked to make the use of Misoprostol pills. After making the use of these pills it is common for women to experience bleeding and cramping. When the symptoms of bleeding are experienced it indicates that women are having an abortion.

Keep the maxi pads ready

Women around the globe prefer to make the use of the tampons, but while women do have a medical abortion, they are asked to avoid the use of tampons. Also, it is said that women do avoid inserting anything in the vagina, as inserting anything in the vagina during an abortion can increase the risk of having infections. The use of maxi pads is safe and this even helps women to monitor the bleeding.

Plan your diet

While you are having a medical abortion process make sure that you do avoid the junk food and food which contains excessive fats. Make sure that you eat healthy and easily digestible food. Consume hydrating fruits and vegetables, which can help you during and after the abortion process. Ensure that the whole abortion diet helps you to avoid the complications.

Collect your milk if you do breastfeed

During the abortion, women are asked to avoid breastfeeding as the elements from the Abortion Pill can pass to the baby. Hence, you are asked to store the breast-milk, so that during the process it can help you feed the child. Once the process gets completed within one week women can resume feeding the child.

Medical abortion is an easy process, the thing about which women need to take care of is to follow the instructions which are given.

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