What to know about the period blood color?

by John Smith

Posted on Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Every woman does go through various experiences related to menstrual clots, bleeding, pain and even the color of the blood. In case if women do want to know about the various issues related to the menstruation, then it is necessary that she must observe the pattern of bleeding and color of the bleeding which she experiences.

The following blog can help women to know about the different menstrual blood and when is it necessary to see the health care provider.


The black color of the bleeding which is being experienced during the menstruation is usually when the bleeding starts or when it ends.  Women can experience this type of bleeding if the uterus takes more time to expel the menstrual blood.

In certain cases, this can happen due to blockage which is caused inside the vagina. Check for the foul smell of discharge or swelling around the vagina. Such women at such times can find it difficult to urinate during the menstruation.

Brown/ Dark red

The red blood, which is expelled during menstruation, appears to be brown or dark red when it gets old. If one does encounter slight bleeding or spotting that looks brown then this can be a sign of the pregnancy. Get this condition checked at earliest and if the pregnancy is unwanted then you can order online Abortion Pills and get the pregnancy terminated. This method helps to get the pregnancy terminated in privacy.

Bright red

Bright red blood mostly begins observing while women have started with the menstrual period. It is the fresh blood and gets dark as the periods come to an end. In case if you spot between the menstrual cycles then there are chances that you can have an STI or some serious concerns which are related to the reproductive organ. Hence, in case any such symptom does occur, then seek medical help from the health care provider.


When the cervical fluids get mixed with the menstrual blood, the color of menstrual blood appears to be pink. Mostly this happens due to the contraception tablets or if the estrogen level is low in the body. Pink blood passing with the pregnant women at times does indicate a miscarriage. In case of any such situation do occur, and then it is necessary that one must seek medical help to get the disorder treated.


Bacterial vaginosis is a condition which takes place due to the imbalance between harmful bacteria and favorable bacteria. In this woman can experience the grey discharge during the menstruation. Along with grey discharge, women can also experience symptoms such as bad odor from the vagina, itching around the vagina and pain while urinating.

Bleeding and medical abortion should not be confused and women should know the difference between the first menstrual bleeding and the abortion bleeding. The color of blood and the clots which are experienced during the period are the ones which help to know about the changes occurred in the body. Hence, women are asked to make sure that they do seek help from a health care provider in case of any change experienced in color of blood.

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