Which is the best method to bring an end to your first undesired pregnancy?

by John Smith

Posted on Monday, September 30, 2019

An uneventful or unwanted pregnancy is undoubtedly a nightmare which no women wish to dream of. Most of the cases report the failure of contraceptives due to which unplanned pregnancy does occur in women. There are no specific methods which can help women to end the first pregnancy. Whichever method to abort the pregnancy is being chosen, it is necessary that one must know the right method which helps to abort the pregnancy. Even though women can stick to Abortion Pills online, women are asked to avoid multiple unwanted pregnancies and make the use of contraceptives.

Speaking of the best methods, usually, there are two methods which can be used for abortion. This blog can help women you know about the method of abortion and which is the best method.

Medical abortion

  • Medical abortion is one of the non-invasive methods which help to end the pregnancy
  • Women can simply get this Mifepristone and Misoprostol pills to end the pregnancy gestation of up to 9 weeks.
  • The combination of pills do help women to make hormonal changes in the body and helps to remove the pregnancy tissues from the body easily.
  • This process takes the time of a good 2 weeks
  • The symptoms that can help women know about abortion are bleeding and cramping

Surgical abortion

  1. Women under this method can get the pregnancy terminated with the help of suction and dilation method.
  2. Women are required to go clinic to get the surgery done.
  3. Surgical abortion is usually performed between 9-21 weeks of the gestation period.
  4. It may take only a few hours to get the surgical abortion process completed.

Which method is suitable to have an abortion?

Those women   who have a gestation period below or up to 9 weeks can simply opt to have an abortion with this method. Also, women, those who have low budget can opt to have a medical abortion. While women, those who wish to have a surgical abortion need to go to the clinic, whereas medical abortion is being performed at home corners with the help of meds. If women do wish to maintain privacy and secrecy of abortion, then the medical method is to be chosen.

Women do choose medical abortion over surgical abortion as there are no many centers available in every region which helps to abort the pregnancy.

The medical method to have an abortion is the best as this helps women to get relaxed at home and perform the process at home without anyone's interruption. As said there are no such methods which can help to end the first pregnancy.  Women need to know the requirements and choices which can help to end the unplanned pregnancy. It should be noted that both types of abortion are safe and also women have chances to have a successful abortion of the pregnancy. Women need to choose the method which suits her after consulting the health care provider.

Women also do choose medical abortion method as this method fits the pocket of women and helps to have a safe and complete abortion of the pregnancy.

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