Effect of drinking and smoking on pregnancy and abortion

by John Smith

Posted on Friday, October 11, 2019

Drinking and smoking have become a part of the life of the people. Women who get into the pregnancy or those who conceive are asked that they have strictly avoided the consumption of alcohol and smoke. Women must understand “how can alcohol and smoking hurts the health of women and can even lead to miscarriage”? Women who even buy Abortion Pill kit to have a termination need to make sure that they do restrict the consumption of alcohol and smoke.

Low birth, fetal injury, and premature birth are some of the effects of alcohol and this can have a tremendous effect on the pregnancy. Tobacco contains nicotine, arsenic and many other elements that are harmful to the health of women and even harms the body. When the cigarettes are used by women during pregnancy, it reaches the placenta and can harm the unborn.

Nicotine in cigarettes also affects the blood flow in the body. As a result, this puts the limit on the growth of the fetus. Hence, it is advised that women do avoid smoking during pregnancy as well as during an abortion.

When you seek Abortion Pills online and end the pregnancy, it is asked to avoid smoking as this can slow the process and can also give rise to complications while the pregnancy is being treated.

Also, it is believed that women who do not inhale during smoking, there are fewer or no chances of it reaching the baby. Even passive smoking can create hurdles so that the baby doesn’t get the nutrition. Even though if you do no inhale there are chances that via the throat and mucous membranes the tobacco is being absorbed and can eventually reach the baby.

Following are some of the suggestions which are being given by a health care provider

During abortion as well as pregnant women need to strictly avoid the consumption of alcohol and smoking.

Also, women need to make sure that she is neither in the smoking zone, nor around the people while they smoke.

Alcohol and pregnancy

The food or the drink, which is being consumed during pregnancy reaches the baby in the womb. These foods are the one which reaches the bloodstream of the infant via the placenta. To have proper growth of the child women need to avoid consumption of alcohol and drink fruit juice, milk, and water.

Also, while women do consume alcohol, there are chances that babies can develop fetal alcohol syndrome. Also, this can negatively affect the baby’s palate, intellectual, fingers, arm, legs, etc.  Also, sometimes this can lead to heart defects in the infant. This affects the areas in the baby and these symptoms and effects do last for a long time.

Even women try to limit the consumption of alcohol, there are chances that this can have negative effects on the health of the baby. Be it pregnancy or abortion women must avoid the consumption of alcohol. Women must take all the precautions which are necessary and get the abortion as well delivery of the child done safely. Some of the women may have an idea about all the measures and precautions to be taken, but some may not have. Hence, women must have an idea about all the measures which are mandatory to be taken.

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