Importance of discussing pregnancy prevention with teenagers

by John Smith

Posted on Friday, October 4, 2019

Most of the people do say that teenagers are being influenced due to the decision of the parents about the relationship. The parents must share their feelings and discuss things like intercourse and abortion with the children.  Sometimes this creates pressure on parents, but it is not.

The following tips can help parents to guide and feel less awkward while discussing all these things with the children.
  1. Discuss with your children regarding the intercourse, but do make sure that the age is right and be precise about the family expectations and the values regarding sexual activity and dating.
  2. Develop a culture of frankness wherein your child can share about his/her feeling with you.  Be a parent who asks or permits the child to share the feelings without any fear of derision or reprisal.
  3. Consider the emotions of the child as valid because they are adolescents. You must respect the genuine emotions of the child, even if they tell you or you get to know that they are in love. 
  4. Listen to what your child says rather than talking. Your child must feel that their words are being respected and heard. 
  5. Discuss everything with your child regarding sexual activity, intercourse, and dating. Make sure that you do be real and not the biological teacher.
  6. If your child does ask you about intercourse or dating then do not assume that he/she might be dating someone. 
  7. While you are telling your child to avoid sexual intercourse do make sure that why do you feel that avoiding intercourse would be the right choice.
  8. Even if your child feels uninterested in discussing all this, make sure you do not quit and create trust in them.

As per the campaign, which was designed to prevent teens from unwanted pregnancies at least 50% of women and their children were dealing with poverty. Also, 38% of adolescent girl has a child before they reach the age of 18 and 63% of teenage mothers do obtain some of the public benefits during the first year after the child is born. Adolescent birth affects the community due to which the solutions to such things have become important.

There are certain things which youngster needs to know about:

  • Sexual intercourse does affect women physically as well as mentally
  • The only safest and best way to avoid pregnancy is not having intercourse.
  • Even if you wish to have intercourse make sure that the contraceptives are being used to avoid this unplanned pregnancy.
  • Indulging in sexual activity during a young age proves to be risky. During this time there are more chances of pregnancy and developing STI.

Teenagers nowadays are smart enough about what they need to do and what not. Also, they are aware, under which situation can they get pregnant and under which they can avoid the pregnancy.


Teenagers should be made to understand the importance of contraceptives. Parents those who discuss all these things with their children can understand the mind of the children. Also, most of the children do nowadays share their feelings clearly with their parents if the parents are frank and do not abuse instead of making them understand. Even though the Abortion Pills online option is left if unplanned pregnancy takes place still you must make your child aware of everything.

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