Menopause- the topic which is never discussed

by John Smith

Posted on Friday, October 18, 2019

Usually, when women are fertile and have menstruation do have mood swings. Even after the use of online Abortion Pills women can have some of the hormonal changes which can affect the mood in women. In the same manner, menopause is experienced by every woman after a certain age, but there is no one who discusses much this disorder. This term sometimes sounds to be complex, but this is a simple term. Many of the women are not aware of this term, but this is a term that describes the absence of the menstrual period for a consecutive of 12 months. Women during the initial stage can experience late menstrual followed by the end of the menstruation period.

The time before a woman goes completely menopause is known as a pre-menopausal period. This is not a medical term, but is used to explain the transition of menopause.


Post-menopausal is a term which is used to describe the time after the women go menopause. The term describes clearly the women who have already undergone menopause.

The common symptoms of menopause which can be experienced by women embrace mood swings, hot flashes, vaginal itching, tiredness, and dry vagina.

What does menopause specify about women?

When the role of the ovaries ends in the body of women it is considered as menopause.  During such phase women no more are capable of having a pregnancy. The ovaries are found in the pelvis and are located on both sides of the uterus. Also, the shape and size are similar to that of almonds. These ovaries generate the female organ which is estrogen while producing eggs. While the egg is grown from one ovary during the menstrual period traverses to the uterus via a Fallopian tube.

The ovaries are the one which decides the development of the bust, shape or body hair. Also, this estrogen controls the periods as well as the menstrual cycle.

At what age can women typically experience menopause?

Fifty-one is the average age when women can have menopause. However, no one can tell exactly when women can have menopause period. There is also a misunderstanding from people that menopause is a period wherein women do start to have a period but this is wrong. Most of the women do have menopause during the mid40’s or ’50s. There are rare cases wherein women do experience menopause after the age of 60. Also, it has been observed that women do have menopause at a similar age to their mother’s menopausal age.

How long does the menopause last in women?

This is one of the biggest misconceptions among people. This is a point in life when the woman’s final period ends. The woman may not clearly understand when she has reached the menopause period unless she has undergone 12 months with the absence of periods.

During this phase, women may have to deal with the various feelings which they can come across. This is not a thing that happens overnight and takes time to happen.

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