Why do some women hesitate while medical abortion is a helpful option?

by John Smith

Posted on Monday, October 14, 2019

As per science rather than having a surgical abortion, medical abortion is considered to be the safest and best option. But there are various gaps between access to Abortion Pills and using it in various parts of the world. Women in the US do buy cheap Abortion Pills to have an abortion as this med is approved by the FDA. The fear that disturbs the women about this process is finding out the consequences which can affect them after making the use of the termination pills.

In some of the regions of the world, abortion is limited and in certain parts, it is partly or completely banned. In certain regions, women are even allowed to get the pills from the online stores whereas in some regions the pills cannot even get acquired from the local stores.

While having the abortion process women are first asked to administrate the Mifeprex pill orally so that it can alter uterine implantation lining which can help to expel the fetus from the uterus. After waiting for 24 hours women can make the use of the Misoprostol pills and the intake of prostaglandin pill helps to eject the pregnancy and brings an end to an unplanned pregnancy. The pills only help you to end the pregnancy within 14-16 days and work the best.

Variation amongst the states regarding medical abortion

In some of the countries, abortion is illegal and hence this is one of the reasons due to which women do have to travel far places wherein the abortion is lawful and experts can be met. However, flying far from the home incurs the expenses such as traveling expenses, hospitalization expenses, the fees of the doctor and the fees of the surgery. However, the states wherein the law was relaxed women used to buy Mifeprex and Misoprostol pill which helped to end the pregnancy. While some states helped women by relaxing the law to perform the medical abortion at home some made it strict by obligating the use of meds only under the supervision of the health care providers.

This varied access to the pills made women go back to the closet and women started practicing some of the unsafe techniques which can lead to even harm their life. At times women also do land in a problem wherein they meet the illegal practitioner and eliminate the pregnancy, but this can increase the risk of having an infection or injury.

The reasons behind the women’s hesitation to use the termination pills

While having a surgical abortion, the vacuum is being used and this vacuum is placed inside the cervix to the uterus and the embryo is being sucked out from the body. This can be frightening if this is not performed by the practice by an expert and injury can be caused to the uterus, abdomen, women and leaves the cervix perforated and bleeding.

Women do hesitate to the use of Abortion Pills due to having a fear that these pills can cause infertility in them. This pregnancy cancellation pills only helps women to end the pregnancy and do not cause any other issues.

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