Why there is a need for abortion today?

by John Smith

Posted on Monday, October 28, 2019

As per the studies, there is a rise in the number of women having an abortion. This happens due to a lack of awareness of protected sexual intercourse and education related to the safe use of contraceptives. Even after such many methods, women still do have an abortion and the number of women having an abortion has not reduced. Earlier women would try to practice unsafe methods to end the pregnancy. Today, women are a bit more open and to prefer to end abortion with the help of online Abortion Pills.

The blog helps women to figure out why abortions are common today and the reason behind having an abortion.

  • Sexual intercourse that is unprotected
  • Lack of use of contraceptives
  • Rape

Though the above mentioned are the primary reasons to have an abortion, but behind increasing abortion, there are a number of different reasons. The following are the most common reasons due to which women do wish to have an abortion rather than counting it.

Education and career

Today, women are serious about their studies and hence having an unplanned pregnancy proves to be a hurdle for them. Those women who have a career as a priority choose a profession over an unplanned pregnancy. In most of the regions, women do wish to abort the pregnancy rather than counting it.

Financial conditions

The financial status of the couple decides what can be the future of the child.  Proper nourishment is required so that it can help the child to grow in a proper manner. Couples who are unstable abort the pregnancy and make themselves financially stable and then choose to end the pregnancy.

Relationship issues

There are a number of reasons which can bring an end to the relationship. There is an end number of reasons which can make the women end the pregnancy. Mostly when the couples are in relationships they do terminate the pregnancy because the male partner doesn’t accept the child. While such are the cases it becomes very difficult for the women to continue with the pregnancy and women decide to bring an end to her pregnancy.

Also, there are a number of women who are in relationships, such as a friend with benefits wherein terminating the pregnancy remains the only option.

Mentally not prepared

Raising a child is not easy for young couples. There are a number of things that are involved and this is one of the biggest decisions as you are starting a family if you wish to proceed with the pregnancy. There is a number of responsibilities that women need to take while she continues with the pregnancy.

Since the government policies regarding abortion have relaxed it has become easy for women to end the pregnancy. Also, there is a number of a pharmacy that has come forward and helps women to get the proper and accurate information to end the pregnancy. A woman is now more to the abortion methods as well as to the contraceptive method and this helps them to avoid the pregnancy. The easy to use pills are the best option which is being used by most of the women to bring an end to the pregnancy.

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