Why there is still an increase in the number of women having an abortion?

by John Smith

Posted on Wednesday, October 23, 2019

As per the studies even after awareness, there are a number of studies that prove there is an increase in the number of abortion cases. Today, women are made aware of the protected sexual activity and the education about safe contraceptives and even after awareness women do land in a situation such as unplanned pregnancy.

Earlier due to unplanned pregnancy, women do follow the unsafe abortion practices and end the pregnancy. Such cases did not have any official count and at times due to such process women may end her life even. Today’s women have become a little open and talk about the issues and also due to easy access it has become possible for women to buy online Abortion Pills.

There are certain reasons which make women end the pregnancy. The following are the primary reasons which can make the women terminate the pregnancy.

  • Unprotected sexual intimacy
  • Rape
  • Contraceptive failures

Though the above-mentioned reasons are the primary there are certain other reasons which can affect the decision of the women to have an abortion.

Following are a few reasons which are the causes behind women having an abortion

Education and career

Today, women do wish to have higher education and they do take the career seriously. During the studies, if unplanned pregnancy becomes a hurdle, then they do prefer to have an abortion.

Women today do make the career priority and have bigger aspirations about the career and the profession over an unwanted pregnancy. This is one of the primary reasons in most countries due to which women do choose to have an abortion.

Financial condition

Today the couples think about the future. While they have unplanned pregnancy the first question which strikes their mind is what if they are unable to have proper facilities and provide the essential nutrients to the child. Such couples do decide to make the family financially stable and then welcome the baby.

Relationship issues

Any relationship issue can make women decide on abortion. Often it is seen that the male partner in the relationship declines or refuses to accept the child and is never ready to take the responsibilities of the child. In such cases, it becomes difficult for women to continue with the pregnancy and take the whole responsibility of the child alone. When such are the cases, women do end up terminating the pregnancy effectively.

Mentally not prepared

Raising a child and starting a family are amongst the biggest decisions of a woman. When a woman starts with the family she has a number of different responsibilities to deal with. The couples at times may not be prepared for it and hence they do prepare themselves to abort the pregnancy.

Within a course of the period, the government policies have become less restrictive and women, those who wish to abort the pregnancy have become open about their thought and decision. Also, there is a number of online platforms that help women to stay away from the unfair practices which abort pregnancies.

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