Change in Menstrual cycle after medical abortion

by John Smith

Posted on Saturday, November 16, 2019

Having a delay in menstruation can put a woman in a panic situation. In case the delay in menstruation is being experienced after medical abortion than this can cause unnecessary tension in women. Also, women need to understand that medical abortion does not disturb the menstrual cycle. Also nowadays there are many of the websites which are being introduced and wherein all the information related to women’s reproductive health in detail is being discussed.

When women do order cheap Abortion Pills online, no ingredients from this Abortion Pill do cause any longer affect on your body. Also, this means that this pill in no way is going to cause any complications infertility, future pregnancy, and menstruation. The following blog can explain what women should expect while she has a menstrual period after her medical abortion.


May it be menstruation or medical abortion; there are lots of myths that revolve around. It is necessary that women are being guided properly and all the myths regarding medical abortion and menstruation are being cleared. When a woman undergoes the medical abortion process the pills which are used can cause stomach cramping and vaginal bleeding. There are a number of women who misunderstand this bleeding with their first menstrual cycle after having an abortion.

While the pills are being consumed it results in ejecting the fetus from the body. The pill which is used works by stopping the growth of the pregnancy. The secondary pill which is used works so that the fetus can get dispelled from the body.

Women having menstruation and women undergoing a medical abortion can have bleeding, but the bleeding which is being faced during a medical abortion is a bit heavier as compared to the menstrual cycle. 

First period after menstruation

Usually, the medical abortion process takes 2-6 days to get completed. Usually, women, those who have a medical abortion and get healed completely after having an abortion can get their first menstrual within 2 months.

The time is taken by each woman to get back the menstrual cycle varies. However, the menstrual cycle should not take more than 2-3 months to get back. Before you do, get a menstrual cycle it is very normal for women to experience light bleeding in between.

Medical abortion does not have anything to do directly or indirectly with your menstrual period or fertility. After the process of medical abortion gets completed the pattern of having a menstrual cycle remains the same. 

If you get into sexual intercourse again without making the use of the contraceptives, then it is common to face another unwanted pregnancy. Also, women are asked that they do make sure that they do not have more than three abortions in their whole life as having an abortion again and again can create some complications. In order to avoid such complications, women are asked to seek help from the health care provider and do make the proper use of contraceptives so that incidents such as unplanned pregnancy can be avoided.

Women need to make sure that in case of any change or any complication is being found, and then women need to seek help from the health care provider and get the proper treatment.

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