Getting rid of menstrual cramps at home

by John Smith

Posted on Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Menstrual cramps are nothing but the results of uterine contraction. This specific movement helps the expulsion of the thickened uterus lining via the vaginal opening. But every woman’s body is different and some women may go through lots of stress and pain during the cramps.

Even when women do make the use of the online Abortion Pill she may have to deal with the cramps. Below given are a few methods which can help to get rid of the cramps during the menstruation cycle. But women need to check with the health care provider to use the same method during an abortion. As there are chances that some may affect in a negative way such as exercise.

Try massage and compression


Acupressure does influence the nervous system and also promotes smooth blood flow to the various organs of the body.  This is one of the techniques which can help to dampen the psychical stress, which is caused due to periods.  These pressure points help to feel relieved from the abdominal pain which is caused during menstruation. The points which are to be massaged are

  • Space which is between your index finger and the thumb
  • The area which is between tibia muscle and calf
  • The area between the belly button
  • Center of your pubic bone and the sides

Using heat pads

But before you do use the same method to treat the abortion pain do seek a consultation once from the health care provider. Using hot pads at regular intervals is something which can help women to keep the pain in control. Even during the abortion women can make the use of the heat pads so that it can help women feel relieved from the pain.

Eat the right food

What to eat?

  • A food which is rich in vitamin D helps to replenish the blood loss
  • Food which is rich in magnesium can help the smooth muscle and nerve function
  • Fish oil, which can help to get the essential  Vitamin B1
  • Hot beverage  such as herbal tea or warm food which can comfort the stomach

What is to be avoided?

  • Caffeine
  • Excess of salt
  • Junk food


Exercise is such a method that can help women to get lots of benefits. But this may at times be the last thing which you may feel like doing during the periods. If you do gather some courage to perform some exercises then it can help you reduce the pain which is caused due to periods. Endorphins in the body which are released during the workout are the one which helps to improve the mood.

Also, do make sure that if you have had an abortion, then exercise should be avoided at least for a month. Once you have consulted your health care provider you can start back, but with exercises that don’t put more strain.

Right sleeping position

There are a number of women who do not feel comfortable in position while they are sleeping. Hence, women are asked to sleep in a fetal position and avoid sleeping on the stomach.

Before using any of the methods do make sure that the above-mentioned methods are only used for some time to feel the relief.

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