How are late periods related to weight and exercise?

by John Smith

Posted on Wednesday, November 13, 2019

There are lots of women who have irregular periods and when the periods are being delayed one of the possibilities which strike women is pregnant. Women’s health mechanism is bit complex and it gets more complicated if there are hormonal changes. Some of the factors which affect menstruation in women are weight loss or weight gain.

Yes, pregnancy and delayed menstruation are related, but also various factors do affect the menstruation of the women. Hence, those women who think they have pregnancy can check with the health care provider and then online order Abortion Pills to get the pregnancy terminated. Once these pills are administrated it is common to experience the menstrual cycle after 2-3 months. After the abortion, women can experience heavy bleeding.

Abortion does not have much effect on your menstrual cycle, but weight loss or gain and exercise can disturb the cycle.

Loss of weight

In case if you have had a sudden increase or decrease in weight the chain reaction which causes menstruation gets disturbed. Also, this is known as secondary amenorrhea, which is referred to as not having a menstruation cycle for consecutive three months. 

Every time you should not misinterpret the loosing of weight or gaining weight with the menstruation cycle. A slight change in weight does not cause any sort of effect. The only extreme changes in weight can cause such conditions. In case women are overweight and have PCODs then she is advised to lose weight so that it can help her to resume the regular menstruation cycle. 

What happens after shedding weight?

When you do shed the weight the body fats do get loose. Your body senses the changes in the level of body fats and determines that your body is ready for pregnancy. When you exercise a lot the body reacts to it and considers that your body is too weak to ovulate. These are the different reasons which can affect your menstruation or ovulation in the body. This mostly happens in the women who are athletic, sports-woman who do focus a lot on their weight, diet, and fitness.


Athletes do have to perform intense exercise due to which the regular menstrual cycle may get affected. Athletes do have low body fats and this low body fat and intense exercise change the perception of health mechanism. Such body type is not considered to be successful for pregnancy.

What can be done to get an irregular period treated due to weight loss or exercise?

  • Do not lose your weight all of a sudden
  • To avoid performing any of the strenuous or intense exercises
  • Do not stress as this can lead to sudden weight loss or gain
  • Do not starve to lose body fats instead do plan a diet as well.

All the above mentioned can help women to regularize the period, but other than this also you need to check with your health care provider to know the exact reason behind delayed menstruation. Considering the opinion of the health care provider helps women avoid the risk of having complications.

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