Irregular periods after undergoing an abortion

by John Smith

Posted on Monday, November 25, 2019

The abortion regimen completely depends upon the hormonal play.  Women’s hormones take 2-4 weeks so that it can help the hormones to reach the normal level and women can menstruate normally again. The symptoms of abortion may last for some time and hence women must make sure that she does have an idea about the irregular periods after having an abortion. Women who buy Abortion Pills can get the pregnancy terminated easily, but these women become unable to discriminate between the bleeding caused due to abortion and the bleeding during menstruation. 

When can women expect the menstrual periods after having an abortion?

When women do opt to have an abortion, the bleeding continues until the pregnancy contents get completely expelled from the body. The bleeding can be intermittent spotting or can be continuous light bleeding. Most of the women do get confused about this bleeding with menstrual periods.

Although after the successful abortion, the hormones do reset fairly and the menstrual periods in women do not function strictly as per the regulated manner. Some women may begin to ovulate within a time of the week, whereas others may take time to ovulate. It is estimated that women do bleed within 4-8 weeks and this partly depends upon the gestation period of the pregnancy.

How is the first period after abortion like?

As per the facts, the first period after having an abortion is nothing but is the same way you menstruate. The bleeding, which is experienced during the menstrual period after abortion may last for a longer time than the usual one. The menstrual cycle may take a few months to get back to its regularity

Women even after having an abortion and during the menstrual cycle are asked to make the use of the sanitary pads instead of tampons so that it becomes easy for women to avoid the infection.

How do know whether everything is okay with the menstruation after having an abortion?

In certain cases, it takes a longer time for a woman to bleed after having an abortion. Hence, this is not a point of concern. But one must confirm the successful abortion after 14-20 days of having an abortion. A pregnancy test is something on which a person should not rely and hence after you do order online Abortion Pill kit and use make sure that you have an ultrasound test after 14-20 days of having an abortion.

After 4 weeks of abortion, it is common for women to experience the menstrual cycle and if women do not come across any such symptoms of bleeding, then it is suggested that women do seek help from the health care provider.

Even immediately after having an abortion, there are chances that women may have an unplanned pregnancy. Hence, women after having an abortion are asked to make sure that they waited for a few months so that they do recover completely. Also, women are suggested to make the use of contraceptives which helps to avoid the pregnancy effectively.

How can one indulge in sexual intercourse and avoid unplanned pregnancy?