Myths to be cleared about medical abortion

by John Smith

Posted on Friday, November 1, 2019

Medical abortion has though been a safe process; people do have negative thoughts about it. There are several rumors and myths which are spread around the world. For women, those who wish to have correct information can browse the internet and gather all the required information which helps to get information about medical abortion.

The following are a few myths which most of the women believe. This blog can help them to debunk the myths of medical abortion.

Medical abortion causes a health risk

Medical abortion is one of the safest ways which helps to end the pregnancy. Abortion Pills do contain components such as anti-progesterone and prostaglandin elements which help to end the pregnancy effectively. When the termination pills are used they help to cause hormonal changes that remove the pregnancy tissues from the body.

After making the use of this med it is possible that women can experience bleeding and cramping as two significant symptoms which affect.

Abortion Pills are only available at local stores

Most of the women do have a misunderstanding that these pills are available at local stores. Most of the stores do not have these pills and women may have to get these pills. When such is a condition, women can simply buy Abortion Pills and get the pregnancy terminated.

You have to be present in the clinic during the process

Unlike surgical abortion, women do not have to be present in the clinic until the process gets completed. Women can consult the health care provider and use the Mifepristone and Cytotec pills at home to have an abortion.

If one has bought the Abortion Pills from the online stores, then the cost of traveling does cut down and many other factors do influence due to which medical abortion becomes cheap.

The cost of pills is high

This is one of the biggest myths of women.  If a woman does know the right source, then she can easily order online Abortion Pill kit and get the pregnancy terminated. The medical abortion is a pocket-friendly method and also women can afford this method to have an abortion effectively. Women belonging to any income group can easily afford these pills and get the pregnancy terminated effectively. Only women need to check that she does use the right source which helps to end the pregnancy easily. Also, before she does make the use of the Abortion Pill kit, she must check for the eligibility criteria to make the use of the pills.

It does affect future pregnancies

This is one of the most trusted myths by women, which is completely wrong. As said the Abortion Pill kit contains the pills which cause hormonal changes. These pills may cause some of the side effects, but those side effects are temporary and don’t have any impact on your health. Even after ending the pregnancy, there is no such effect on future pregnancies and women can have normal delivery in the future even after terminating the pregnancy.

Who is asked to avoid medical abortion?