How to maintain hygiene while abortion?

by John Smith

Posted on Friday, December 20, 2019

During the medical abortion process, it is necessary that one must follow to maintain hygiene. Hygiene is one of the factors which helps women to recover fast from abortion. Since most of the women do buy online Abortion Pills and shedding some light on the hygiene maintained is important so that it helps to educate women about medical abortion.

Why is it necessary to have maintained hygiene during the medical abortion process?

The vaginal flora is the bacteria in the vagina, which typically is being dominated by lactobacilli species. The presence of the vaginal flora is the one that helps to produce hydrogen peroxide and other essential constituents which helps women to keep the genitals clean. Although genitals are being gifted with the natural cleansing process it is necessary that one must clean the genitals regularly. During a medical abortion, women have to be more careful regarding the genital cleaning as during this time the genitals become more vulnerable to the infection. The women need to ensure that she does use the proper sanitation which can help her during and after the process of abortion.

While one is taking care of the genitals it is necessary that you must ensure that you do not disturb the natural acidic pH of the vagina. To balance both, it is mandatory that one must maintain the medical abortion process.

Use pads

Most of the women when have menstruation do prefer to make the use of the tampons. Women, when do have a medical abortion, are asked to make the use of the sanitary pads instead of tampons so that women can avoid having the risk of having an infection. Inserting anything in the vagina can increase the chances of having a bacterial infection and hence women are asked to make the use of maxi pads since the bleeding during the abortion is a bit heavier.

Change the sanitary pads

During the medical abortion period, it is necessary that women must monitor the bleeding. Bleeding during this period is necessary to get monitored. Blot clots of lemon size pass, when women do bleed and as bleeding is heavier during this time women need to change the sanitary pads frequently. Once the fetal particles are being removed the bleeding eventually gets lighter.

Washing the body properly

Women during this time are asked to have a shower instead of baths. Even if you wash your body you need to make sure that you do be careful near your genitals. Also, women need to take care while cleaning the body they do not wash from anus to vagina as this can increase the chances of having an infection. During this period do make sure that you do use clean water to clean your genitals and do follow all the process which is being instructed to you by the health care provider.

Drying genital with a towel

While you wipe your genitals do make sure that you do clean your genitals in one stroke. While cleaning ensures that you do not clean from the anus to the vagina as this can increase the risk of having an infection.

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