Things that are to be avoided after medical abortion

by John Smith

Posted on Monday, December 23, 2019

Most of the women do have an idea regarding what should be done after medical abortion. However, it is necessary that women must have an idea about what should not be done after medical abortion to recover fast. Taking care of health after having an abortion, it's important and looking down after yourself during the abortion process is necessary. When women do buy Abortion Pills, it is likely that it may take the time of a week or two to complete the process.

Following are the few things which should be avoided after one does have an abortion

Exercising soon

Exercise is not at all bad, but when one does have an abortion, it can affect you in a negative manner. If you start drilling other activities with the excessive physical movement, then this can create pressure on the body. Women are asked to avoid creating pressure on the body as this provides good rest and peaceful time to recover after having an abortion. Exercising certainly doesn’t help during this time and can worsen the case more.

Using tampons

During a medical abortion, after making the use of online Abortion Pills women do bleed heavily. Instead of tampons, women are asked to use sanitary pads. Women during medical abortion do have heavy bleeding and the use of tampons is not recommended. Instead, women are asked to make the use of sanitary pads and this helps to avoid the infection during an abortion. Also, the use of sanitary pads helps women to monitor the bleeding.


Women are asked to avoid sexual intercourse for at least 2 weeks after having a medical abortion. When one does involve in sexual activity there are chances that women may get prone to infection. Not only women are asked to avoid intercourse, but they are also asked to avoid penetrative activities.

Consuming alcohol

During the abortion, women do bleed heavily and alcohol consumption during this time can affect your bleeding and discharge. The cervix gets distended due to abortion and hence the body requires time so that it can heal and consumption of alcohol interrupts the process. After 3-4 weeks of having abortion women can consume alcohol, but only a restricted amount can be consumed.

Lifting heavy objects

Be it child or weight when women do lift anything, it puts pressure on your vagina. This also does have an effect on your bleeding and cramping and lifting heavy objects does result in abdominal pain. To recover faster women need to avoid adding drama to the abdomen pain and do avoid lifting any of the heavy objects.

Not using birth control pills

Women are asked to make use of the birth control pills soon after having an abortion with the Mifeprex and Cytotec pill online. Even if women do wish to indulge in sexual activity than women are asked to make use of birth control pills. Unprotected sexual intercourse soon after having an abortion without the use of birth control pills can result in pregnancy again.

The more women ignore the tips, the more complications can be experienced by women. Hence, taking care of health and giving your body time to heal is one of the best methods to recover after abortion.

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