What does the color of the blood mean during periods?

by John Smith

Posted on Friday, December 27, 2019

Every woman during menstruation does face different experiences with respect to menstrual cramps, duration of bleeding, the color of bleeding and the amount of bleeding. If a wish to understand the problem with her menstruation, then it is necessary that one must observe the bleeding pattern and most importantly the color of the blood.

This blog can help women to know about the color of the menstruation and when one needs to see the doctor


The black discharge when is experienced by women indicates that the periods are about to end. Some women also do experience this bleeding during the initial days of the periods.  This type of bleeding is experienced by women because the uterus takes more time to expel the menstrual blood from the body.  In certain cases, this also happens due to the blockage inside the vagina. Also, women are asked that they do check whether the discharge smells foul or not. At times there are chances that women find it difficult to urinate during menstruation.

Brown and dark red

The red blood, which is expelled during the menstruation at times turns dark red or brown and this happens when the blood gets old. If women do experience slight bleeding or spotting which is brown color, then this can be symptoms of pregnancy. Hence, during such time, women are asked to take a pregnancy test and opt to buy Abortion Pills if they do not prefer to continue with the pregnancy.

Bright red

The bright red color is being experienced mostly during the beginning of the menstrual period. This is the fresh blood that darkens towards the end of the menstruation cycle.  If during menstrual cycle women do stop, then this is a sign that you might have an STI or you have some other issue related to reproductive organs. Hence, during such time, it is better that one should get yourself checked.


When the cervical fluid from the body gets mixed with the menstrual period, the color of the menstrual blood appears to be pink. This happens only if the women have on contraceptive pills or women do have a lower level of estrogen. Pink blood if is passing in the pregnant women then it indicates an early miscarriage and if such is a case then women need to seek medical help.


The harmful bacteria and favorable bacteria are caused due to imbalance and this condition is known as bacterial vaginosis and when such a condition occurs women do experience gray discharge during menstruation.

If women do have gray discharge during menstruation, then it is likely to experience itching around the vagina, pain while urinating and bad odor in the vagina.

This condition is treatable and hence women are asked to seek medical help immediately.

Bleeding after a medical abortion should not be considered as the woman’s first menstruation after the termination of pregnancy. The color of the blood during menstruation is one of the best signs to know what your body says.  At times women can also experience the passing of clots and they need not panic in such a situation.

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